Each month I update my dashboard to make sure I am moving forward on important metrics. I care about the leaders I have the privilege to serve and the brand awareness that amplifies the signal I’m putting into the universe.

Past dashboard results:


The mastermind continues to grow. In fact, I am forming a mastermind coaching team to open up new cohorts in 2021. 1:1 leaders have stayed solid. The business mastermind saw 33% growth.

I am confident in my super-powers of a) bringing extraordinary people together in the same room and b) creating a space where these leaders thrive. This is my zone of genius.


Email. Is about the same as last month. I didn’t expect much change. I’ve actually been ignoring email and haven’t created enough value to grow it since I have been focused on writing my second book.

Podcast. Podcast listens are both up. I reinvested in a social media posting app that recycles old content that leaders may not realize is out there. I am launching a BLBS archive podcast soon. With two seasons and 300+ episodes, I can focus on that once I finish the draft of my book due November 15.

Book Sales. I consistently sell between 20-30 books a month. This month was 21.

Website. Traffic was up again. I enjoy working with my website team. I also formed a content creation team to serve Ruckus Makers at a higher level. This is a win-win-win scenario.

Win #1: More content / topics that leaders care about.

Win #2: Amplify the voices and message of leaders I respect.

Win #3: Grow the BLBS brand authority (see Ubersuggest: Keywords & Domain Score on the dashboard).


Honestly, last month was just focused on the book. I only tracked 26 tasks the entire month, most were focused on the book.

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