Each month I update my dashboard and post the results in public. I do this to make sure I follow through and I hope to inspire some other leaders to start setting, tracking, and most importantly … be accountable to themselves for the results.

Note: I track my financial results, but I’m no longer sharing those in public after a discussion with my wife.

Past dashboard results:


Although I saw a few leaders stop coaching, those elements are out of my control. The quality is there, but I can’t control family emergencies, COVID, and feelings of overwhelm. I hope I don’t lose touch with leaders that have had to pause for now.

Good news: a sponsor opportunity was agreed on and I’m really excited to work/promote a really awesome company in future shows.


Email. This year I’ve been seeing a steady 2% decline in subscribers each month. I’m not an expert in building an email list so I don’t know how to solve this issue. I’d love to see a 10% increase each month. What I do know is that people sign up for resources I create all the time. This means that I am creating valuable content.

I decided to drill into the data a bit just to try and have a better sense of why people unsubscribe and here is what I found:

  • 56 leaders unsubscribed in July.
  • Only 2 signed up in 2020.
  • Meaning 54 leaders I’ve been serving for over a year.
  • The majority had a low “rating” assigned by my email service (meaning they didn’t open a lot of emails).
  • My list decreased by 41 leaders even though 54 actually unsubscribed.
  • According to my email service 78% of leaders “often” engage with email I send them.

Conclusion: Quality vs. Quantity. Leaders unsubscribing for the most part have been engaged so although the actual number decreases, it makes for a more engaged group.

Podcast. Who cares about email?!? The podcasts are my bread and butter and they both continue to cruise. The School Leadership Series accomplished my Q3 goal of getting to 20K downloads. We passed that mark for the first time ever. Now I would love to average that amount of downloads in a quarter.

BLBS was slightly down, but overall impressive numbers at nearly 40K downloads.

Book Sales. I consistently sell between 20-30 books a month. This month was 33.

Website. Traffic was slightly down, but I am learning each month more and more about how to create valuable content that will attract leaders who don’t know my work yet. Once they see the value of what I create and download a resource, I believe the content I’m creating is strong enough they will want to stick around.


My significant task completion rate was 81% which was less than 1% less than last month. I have said YES to too many things at the end of Q3 and I’m planning for an international move. I know better and my addiction to work is a problem.

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