Paul Bambrick-Santoyo: Leverage Leadership 2.0

Paul Bambrick-Santoyo Joins Me On the Show

PAUL BAMBRICK-SANTOYO is the Chief Schools Officer for Uncommon Schools and the Founder and Dean of the Leverage Leadership Institute, creating proof points of excellence in urban schools nationwide. Author of multiple books, including Driven by Data, Leverage Leadership 2.0, Get Better Faster, A Principal Manager’s Guide to Leverage Leadership, and Great Habits, Great Readers, […]

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Paresh Shah: Changing the World with Lifter Leadership

Paresh Shah Joins me on the Show

Paresh Shah is a unique combination of a technology engineer, Harvard MBA, serial entrepreneur, strategist to companies around the world, heroic speaker, innovation trainer and trained mindfulness yogi. Prior to his role at the Non-Obvious Company, Paresh was an engineer at Northrop Grumman Aerospace and has been in technology, media and science his whole life. […]

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Arthur Carmazzi: Predictably Building Great Teams

Arthur Carmazzi Joins me on the Show

Arthur Carmazzi is one of the Top 10 of the world’s Top 30 Thought Leaders in both Leadership and Organizational Culture categories by Global Gurus. Arthur is on a mission to revolutionize the entire education system. He’s the Designer of the Arthur Carmazzi education methodology utilized by The Kingsley Leadership Academy, a high school cultivating the world’s […]

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Dan Butler: Can 30 Minute Conversations Improve a School?

dan Butler Joins me on the Show

Dan Butler serves as the principal of Epworth Elementary School in the Western Dubuque Community School District. He received his BA in Elementary Education and MA in Educational Leadership from the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) in Cedar Falls. Dan received an Advanced Studies Certificate (Superintendent) and is currently enrolled in the Doctorate of Education […]

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Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz: Solving Poverty in Your Local Community

Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz Joins me on the Show

Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz fights poverty. She has walked with dozens of families as they made it completely out of poverty. Rebecca sees poverty as the main driver for most social problems. So let’s get people out of poverty! She works with kids, parents, educators and communities to do just that! Trauma-informed and restorative justice principles are the tool […]

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Christopher Lochhead: Be Legendary by Being Different

Christopher Lochhead Joins me on the Show

Christopher Lochhead is one of the pioneers of the “Authentic Dialogue” category of podcasts, a best-selling author and three-time Silicon Valley, public company CMO. He stands out for his unique point of view, sense of humor, hard-fought experience and whisky stained mind. In Christopher’s new book, Niche Down: How to Become Legendary by Being Different, […]

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Nancy Conrad: Inspiring Innovation Student-Centered Real-World Innovation

Nancy Conrad Joins me on the Show

Nancy Conrad created the Conrad Foundation in 2008 to energize and engage students in science and technology through unique entrepreneurial opportunities. The organization’s flagship program, the Conrad Challenge, is a global competition challenging students to combine education, innovation and entrepreneurship to create products that address real-world challenges and global sustainability. By enabling young minds to […]

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