Four months ago I started writing to update the BLBS tribe on my monthly results.

The reason I have this dashboard is to check in monthly with myself and the BLBS organization to make sure we are heading in the right direction.

I am able to do this because I have built a strong vision for the next 3-years.

If you could use some help building your vision, then I’d love to work with you this summer.

If today’s post is helpful to you, I hope you consider trying it out yourself. If you do send me a copy of your dashboard my way ([email protected]).

Overall, February was a good month. I was surprised to see book sales up (which I do nothing to promote other than share a link here and there — no ads). My productivity stayed the same. I was happy to see revenue up as well. Everything else was slightly down which wasn’t a big deal for a shorter month.

My dashboard tracks my vision (and what Is important to me)

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