Ruckus Makers Do School Different™

Every educator has a dream for education. A dream for a new, different, and better way of doing education. Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” In our experience, that is true, especially with the right kind of support.
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Become A Better Leader In 90-Days Or Less.

Complete The School Leadership Scorecard™ in under 10 minutes and identify the highest leverage areas that will grow your leadership over the next 90-days.

The Better Leaders Better Schools philosophy is simple …







When you are able to show up AUTHENTICALLY and experience BELONGING with a group of trusted peers, you can be CHALLENGED to take your leadership to the next level.

The problem with most PD is that it’s Too-Little-Too-Late, Unhelpful, and Disconnected.

That’s why we offer Relevant, Responsive, and Results-Oriented Professional Development™.

RELEVANT so that you will engage, implement, and grow.
RESPONSIVE so you feel seen and heard with where you are right now.
RESULTS-ORIENTED so you can create 10x value for your community.

Ask school leaders about their experience at Better Leaders Better Schools, and you’ll hear a common thread – Everything got better. Their leadership got better. Their student achievement got better. Their culture got better. Most importantly, their lives outside of school got better too.

Success Stories

Go from exhausted to energized

“The other day, I got a high five from a teacher during a walk-through. She told me, ‘We did it.’ That ‘we’ includes me, because I had been part of her growth.”

John Tanner

John Tanner

Solving teacher retention challenges..

“The guidance and support at the very beginning of my mastermind experience has really helped me mature and set a clear vision of what I wanted, which was to build trust.”

John Tanner

Demetrius Ball

Grow your confidence

“I recognized that self-criticism was getting in the way … The mastermind experience is incredibly validating. It definitely has grown my confidence.” 

John Tanner

Stacey Green

Build a world-class culture

“I wanted to build a school where kids come every single day and they feel loved and cared for and seen and heard. ”

John Tanner

Jessica Gamble

Ready to Do School Different™?