Michelle Lenzen: Humans at heart

Michelle Lenzen on the podcast

Michelle Lenzen is a teacher, writer, and the founder of Humans at Heart. She runs an after school program at YES Prep Northside where she teaches high school students communication skills and creative problem solving. Through her company, Humans at Heart, Michelle uses  qualitative research and human-centered design to help brands connect with their audiences.  Michelle Lenzen Show Highlights Michelle switch […]

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Don Wettrick: Learning in spite of school

Don Wettrick Joins me on the Show

Don Wettrick is the Innovation Coordinator at Noblesville High School, and is the author of “Pure Genius: Building a Culture of Innovation and Taking 20% Time to the Next Level.” Wettrick has worked as a middle school and high school teacher; educational and innovation consultant; CEO, and podcast host. He is also the founder of […]

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Becki Cohn-Vargas: Creating identity safe schools

Becki_Cohn-Vargas Joins Me On The Show

Dr. Becki Cohn-Vargas is an independent consultant who has spoken on the subject of how to combat bullying, create identity safe classrooms, and positive school climates at conferences, schools, and universities across the United States. She has been hosted at the White House twice where she briefed President Obama’s education staff. book, Identity Safe Classrooms: Places […]

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Leadership Training for Principals

the best leadership training for principals

Leadership training for principals … if you are a long time listener of the podcast, you this very topic is why I started the #1 downloaded podcast for school leaders. In 2015, I was an AP at a high achieving school on the south side of Chicago. The truth … I needed to get better as […]

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Nathaniel Provencio: Family engagement success strategy

Nathaniel Provencio joins me on the show

Nathaniel Provencio, M.Ed. has been the principal of Minnieville Elementary in Prince William County, Virginia since 2010. Mr. Provencio began his teaching career in 2001 as a third-grade teacher. Under his leadership, Minnieville Elementary, a Title 1 school with a significant culturally and linguistically diverse student population has been recognized as a National Model Professional […]

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Sarah Johnson: Keep your passions alive

Sarah Johnson on the show

Sarah Johnson has been an educator in Northwest Wisconsin for thirteen years, first as an English Teacher and then as a building principal. She is entering her sixth year in school administration and is currently a high school principal in Spooner, WI. Sarah is passionate about leadership and building collective leadership in schools. Sarah Johnson is […]

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Chris Mefford: How can I help you win?

Chris Mefford joins me on the show

Chris Mefford has done it all, from starting his own company to working for churches, and most recently as a former VP at the Dave Ramsey organization (planning live events and more) and EVP for Dr. Henry Cloud. Currently, Chris is the acting COO for Standard Behavior Digital. In his many roles, Chris has had […]

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Winston Sakurai: Focus on generosity and the results will follow

winston sakurai joins me on the show

Winston Sakurai has distinguished himself as an innovative educational leader at the state and national level for over 25 years. He was recently named by the National Association of Secondary School Principals as a 2016 National Digital Principal of the Year and by the Hawaii Association of Secondary School Administrators as the 2016 Hawaii State Principal of the Year. He […]

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