Kyle Hamstra: Do it because you want to, not because you have to

Kyle Hamstra on the Show

Originally from DeMotte, Indiana, Kyle Hamstra moved to Cary, North Carolina in 2002. After teaching fifth grade math/science for fourteen years at Davis Drive Elementary, Kyle is now a second-year elementary STEM Specialist, serving over 1,000 students weekly. Kyle is happily married to Leann Hamstra. Kyle is passionate about and interested in speaking on the topics of educational leadership, […]

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Hamish Brewer: Relentless Leadership

hamish brewer joins me on the podcast

When the name Hamish Brewer is mentioned, a number of words come to mind; relentless, innovative, maverick and loyal. Hamish Brewer is a visionary unfazed by conventional leadership and educational practices and theories, which leads him to push boundaries and challenge archaic processes and practices.   As a leader and speaker, Brewer is considered an […]

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Matthew Arend: Come Inside and Join Us

Matthew Arend on the show

Matthew Arend is an Elementary Principal (KN-5) in Plano ISD in Plano, TX. As the principal of #SiglerNation or Sigler Elementary, Matthew models servant leadership through working side by side with teachers, never asking anyone to do something he is not willing to do himself. It is through this intentional approach that relationships are cultivated […]

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Nathaniel Bozarth: Race and Privilege in Kansas City

nathaniel bozarth on the podcast

Nathaniel Bozarth calls himself a storyteller and curious individual. Trained in the techniques of anthropology, Nathaniel strives to see the small (the minute details that are often overlooked), to see the big (the overarching systems that inform how we live) and to see the seeing (the biases and assumptions that interpret how we see). Nathaniel […]

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Adam Pisoni: Designing the Future of School

adam pisoni jois me on the podcast

Adam Pisoni started Abl to help all schools move beyond the 20th century model of education. Two and a half decades after dropping out of high school, he returned to the field of education to rethink the structure of school as we know it. His career has been focused on helping organizations become more agile […]

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Ben Baker: How to Build a Brand for Your School

ben baker on the podcast

Ben Baker has always been passionate about story telling.   Whether it was in sales in his early career or over the last 20 years as a marketer, Ben’s goal has always been to tell a story that is relevant, valuable and engages his audience.   It is about letting people understand the values and vision of the companies […]

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Tim Whitaker: Powerful Student Writing

tim whitaker on the podcast

Mighty Writers was founded in 2009 by Tim Whitaker with the mission to teach kids to think clearly and write with clarity. The organization offers free programs for students from elementary through high school at centers in four diverse Philadelphia neighborhoods, including one bilingual location for Spanish-speaking students. Mighty Writers offers daily afterschool academies, long- and […]

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Top 10 Podcast Episodes

top 10 podcasts for school leaders

Welcome to the Top 10 Episodes of the #1 Downloaded Podcast for School Leaders 200,000 and counting … The moment I passed 25,000 downloads I figured it was time to make a Top 10 podcast episodes list for my tribe … and that was a long time ago. I am so grateful for the Better Leaders […]

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Georgian Benţa: Gratitude in Every Breath

Georgian Benţa on the podcast

Georgian Benta is the founder and host of “The Gratitude Podcast”, a weekly show that inspires people to find new ways of making gratitude a habit by interviewing successful people and getting them to share fascinating stories about living a grateful life. Georgian also does gratitude coaching and his vision is to inspire 100,000 people […]

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