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4 Ways to Increase Leadership Capacity by Running the Chicago Marathon

leadership capacity

Leaders Look for Opportunities for Development Most aspiring leaders I know look everywhere to build their leadership capacity.  I enjoy doing this by learning from all disciplines and applying the wisdom I learn from other areas to education.  Another way I have learned to build my leadership capacity is by engaging in challenging opportunities like running the […]

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Who Are Your Inner Circle Members?

inner circle members

Do You Allow Anyone to Be Inner Circle Members? Are your inner circle members part of an exclusive club or is your inner circle akin to Walmart?   Recently I was listening to an EoFire podcast.  The guest was April MacLean.  I really enjoyed her energy and insights during the interview.  I learned a lot from […]

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Do This to Be an Effective Leader Today

Develop Leadership Through Exercise If you want to be an effective leader, then hit the gym. Fitness has a number of benefits that helps one develop leadership including: higher self esteem and self confidence increased energy lower stress levels greater clarity / expanded vision crush more professional goals Develop Leadership: Higher Self Esteem and Self […]

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2 Make a Positive Impact 

Make a Positive Impact

Simple Leadership Truths One Can Implement Today Today is the day to make a positive impact.  I love Twitter for the connection to others and the inspiring resources shared by the community. One person I’m following is Jeff_Zoul starts every morning tweeting the same thing, “Work Hard – Have Fun – Be Nice … Today.”  It […]

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Real Leadership

Do You Exhibit Real Leadership? What does it take to exhibit real leadership in a school setting?  How do school leaders become their authentic selves? Recently Aaron Walker shared a great blog on real leadership concerning parents, specifically fathers.  You can read his original post here.   Basically, he mentions that we have a choice to […]

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Making a Podcast for School Leaders

The Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast

Creating a School Leaders’ Network Making a Podcast for School Leaders Yesterday’s post was about leading in an open, honest, and vulnerable way.  Allow me to model this type of leadership.  Earlier this year I was inspired by John Lee Dumas’s amazing podcast Entrepreneur on Fire.  It inspired me on many levels, but my key […]

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