Jen is a local here in Atlanta (an “ATLien”) where she is on a mission to make education humanizing and equitable for ALL learners. Shortly after earning her BS.Ed. at UGA, Jen’s fire for student-centered learning was ignited on a year-long adventure in New Zealand.  There she taught in a progressive public charter school, trained in student-directed and inquiry-based learning strategies, and began partnering with students to help them take ownership of their educational journeys. She brought those learnings back to the US where she helped found and later led a small private school to meet the needs of neurodiverse students in innovative ways.  As her passion for both leadership and educational equity grew, she went on to earn a M.Ed. in Urban Teacher Leadership and an Ed.S. in Educational Leadership from Georgia State University.

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After a decade of teaching, coaching educators, and leading in both the private and public school sectors, Jen recently took the leap into her latest endeavor as a Co-Creator, aspiring to close equity gaps in the classroom by making great professional development more accessible for all educators. Co-CreatED.org is the first marketplace platform in the PD industry, connecting school leaders directly with professional development providers, so they can easily book the trainings their teachers need.

Jen Owens: Pandemic pivots and Co-creation

Show Highlights

  • Educator activism is embed into the fabric of what you do 
  • Thrive in adversity with the pandemic pivot 
  • Make high quality education a reality with a Trust License
  • The BIG building questions you need to ask to move progress forward.
  • Candid conversation about a female in a male dominated industry
  •  Everybody needs a Wolf pack to reconceptualize self-care
  • Co-create is not a buzzword but a foundation in the learning journey


“That’s an interesting way to put it. I’ve never heard it framed around boredom and that humans can be attracted to the next shiny thing, like go after the exciting thing. Sometimes the most impactful thing we can do is small, consistent actions steadily over time. And that’s not sexy. That’s not the thing you get excited about, but it’s effective.”

– Jen Owen



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