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Leadership Training for Principals

the best leadership training for principals

Leadership training for principals … if you are a long time listener of the podcast, you this very topic is why I started the #1 downloaded podcast for school leaders. In 2015, I was an AP at a high achieving school on the south side of Chicago. The truth … I needed to get better as […]

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22 Best Books for School Principals

I hope you get value from this post, Best books for school principals

If you are anything like me, you are devoted to learning so I hope you really get value from reading this post on the best books for school principals. These great educational leadership books have influenced my own practice deeply. We have also read many of these books within the Mastermind. When choosing books for school leaders […]

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The Miracle Morning for Educators

How school leaders create miracle mornings

Recently I’ve had a string of amazing mornings and I want to share the secret with you. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you too can have a miracle morning for educators.   It has generated a bunch of momentum for me in every area of my life: personally, professionally, & spiritually.   […]

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How Do You Find Your Blind Spot?

freedom from uncovering the blindspot of leadership

Question: Leaders, how do you find your blind spot? Answer: You don’t. Well at least not by yourself. That is why they are called blind spots! Uncovering the blind spot of leadership is a challenging task and is impossible to do outside of community. Blind spots = messes in organizations >>> caused by leaders with […]

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An Invitation

Private Facebook group for School Leaders

I like invitations. They make me feel important, welcomed, and like I belong to something important. I am extending you an invitation right now. Join the FB Group I recently created a Facebook group for school leaders because I wanted to communicate with, not talk at, school leaders. This blog in some respects is just […]

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