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The Miracle Morning for Educators

How school leaders create miracle mornings

Recently I’ve had a string of amazing mornings and I want to share the secret with you. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you too can have a miracle morning for educators.   It has generated a bunch of momentum for me in every area of my life: personally, professionally, & spiritually.   […]

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Staff Appreciation Ideas for School Leaders

don't let your people deflate use these staff appreciation ideas!

During a recent #leadupchat on Twitter someone was vulnerable enough to say he wanted to improve at celebrating staff. So I thought, “Why not crowd source the great ways my colleagues celebrate their people?” I hope you enjoy this post on staff appreciation ideas.​I’d to start off these staff appreciation ideas with a story …In 2014 […]

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How Do You Find Your Blind Spot?

freedom from uncovering the blindspot of leadership

Question: Leaders, how do you find your blind spot? Answer: You don’t. Well at least not by yourself. That is why they are called blind spots! Uncovering the blind spot of leadership is a challenging task and is impossible to do outside of community. Blind spots = messes in organizations >>> caused by leaders with […]

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An Invitation

Private Facebook group for School Leaders

I like invitations. They make me feel important, welcomed, and like I belong to something important. I am extending you an invitation right now. Join the FB Group I recently created a Facebook group for school leaders because I wanted to communicate with, not talk at, school leaders. This blog in some respects is just […]

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Leave your legacy

leave your legacy like einstein did

A leave your legacy quote: Try not to be a man of success, but a man of value – Albert Einstein Working on my life plan rocked my world and challenged me to deeply consider how you will leave your legacy.  The first step: write my eulogy.  Ouch! I got this strategy from Michael Hyatt’s new book: Living Forward. […]

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2 3 Leadership Team Development Exercises

leadership insights

  Leadership Team Development Lessons from the Willow Global Leadership Summit I have written quite a bit about the Willow Global Leadership Summit.  The reason is quite simple: it’s the best leadership conference I’ve ever attended. I’ve gone multiple times and I schedule my summer around the conference. I’ve written about the 5 reasons you […]

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