This is a monthly post where I update my dashboard to make sure I am moving forward on important metrics. I care about the leaders I have the privilege to serve and the brand awareness that amplifies the signal I’m putting into the universe.

Past dashboard results:


This is the BLBS bread and butter. Serving school leaders, edupreneurs, and coaching 1:1 is such an honor. The best part of working with this group is that everyone chose to be there. As a result, we are able to experience some truly fantastic results.


Email. I haven’t created a downloadable resource in a while so I’m not surprised that I haven’t seen growth here.

Podcast. Downloads are down, but I think that is because of Thanksgiving and leaders focusing on family. I’m not worried about downloads since I can see the performance month-to-month. This gives me the confidence that the show is performing fine.

Book Sales. I consistently sell between 20-30 books a month. This month was 20.

Website. Traffic saw a huge jump. The jump was so big, I need to dive in with my web team to see if I can trust the data. We have putting in a tremendous effort focused on growing organic traffic. I believe we are seeing the fruit of our hard work.

Starting January 2021, I will be featuring guest blog posts from friends. I’m looking forward to see how that impacts organic traffic.


This was a bit down, but nothing to worry about. I turned in my first draft of a second book and look forward to creating something of value for the leaders I serve.

Over the USA Thanksgiving holiday I really ignored social media (even more than usual). I felt much better about myself and by continuing that trend, my productivity should increase.

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