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5 What Inside Out Taught Me About Leadership

emotional intelligence

Have you seen the latest Pixar film, Inside Out? Some general Inside Out spoilers are shared in this post.  Readers BEWARE … Recently my wife and I went to see the latest Pixar film, Inside Out.  As an adult I found it incredible. The narrative follows a lovely family as they move from Minnesota to […]

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Attitude of Gratitude Quotes

Change Your Attitude Change Your Life The popularity of gratitude activities A recent post of mine was very well received.  It was titled “Change Your Attitude Change Your Life.”  You can read it here. This was a popular post because it gave practical steps on cultivating a positive attitude. One strong call to action was […]

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Change Your Attitude Change Your Life

change your attitude change your life

Develop an Attitude of Gratitude Traits of a leader Do you suffer from a negative attitude?  You can change your attitude and change your life. Are you a glass half full or glass have full type of guy? Attitude really is everything. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude could be one of the most important skills a […]

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Real Leadership

Do You Exhibit Real Leadership? What does it take to exhibit real leadership in a school setting?  How do school leaders become their authentic selves? Recently Aaron Walker shared a great blog on real leadership concerning parents, specifically fathers.  You can read his original post here.   Basically, he mentions that we have a choice to […]

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3 200 Tips for Effective School Leaders

200 tips for principals

My giant list of tips for effective school leaders I wrote this list of tips for principals to inspire, challenge, and develop effective school leaders.  I do this by creating consistent content throughout the week via the blog.  I’m also working on a podcast that will interview highly effective principals in order to share the strategies and wisdom they […]

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