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Take Off the Mask

be authentic

School Leaders … A Challenge: Be authentic School leaders today I challenge you to take off the mask if you haven’t already done so. You don’t have to be someone else to be an effective school leader. Click to Tweet A lot of us wear masks to work, at home, in the gym, attempting to be someone […]

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Parenting and Leadership a Father’s Day Reflection

parenting and leadership

Parenting and Leadership Go Hand-in-Hand What I learned about fathers and leadership from Bill Hybels Yesterday Bill Hybels shared a message on lessons he learned about being a parent from his father.  This message was specifically designed to celebrate dads on Father’s Day.  I couldn’t help but make the connections between parenting and leadership as Bill […]

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6 When You Are Wrong

When you are wrong

School Leaders – Do You Know When You Are Wrong? Is it time to apologize? Recently, I wrote about how people often move to silence or violence in crucial conversations, especially when discussing accountability. What is your default (silence or violence) when you see that you aren’t making much progress in an important conversation?  Mine is violence. […]

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Silence or Violence?

Building trust at work

Building Trust at Work Is it possible? In April I went with a colleague to an event titled, Better Together, which explored the main ideas of Crucial Conversations and Crucial Accountability.  The event was designed for school leaders to test drive what a potential 2-day training would be like for either Crucial Conversations or Crucial Accountability. […]

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How to Move People from Here to There

here to there

School Leaders Move People from Here to There Attached to this post is a talk Bill Hybels is famous for describing how to move people from here to there.  The talk is linked below and I made a note of where to watch if you’d like the abbreviated version.  Bill also shares this talk in the context of […]

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4 Ways to Increase Leadership Capacity by Running the Chicago Marathon

leadership capacity

Leaders Look for Opportunities for Development Most aspiring leaders I know look everywhere to build their leadership capacity.  I enjoy doing this by learning from all disciplines and applying the wisdom I learn from other areas to education.  Another way I have learned to build my leadership capacity is by engaging in challenging opportunities like running the […]

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Who Are Your Inner Circle Members?

inner circle members

Do You Allow Anyone to Be Inner Circle Members? Are your inner circle members part of an exclusive club or is your inner circle akin to Walmart?   Recently I was listening to an EoFire podcast.  The guest was April MacLean.  I really enjoyed her energy and insights during the interview.  I learned a lot from […]

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