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10 Expectation Quotes to Nurture the Soul

Why expectations matter It’s all about relationships High expectations are crucial to personal, relational, and organizational success.  What kind of expectations do you have for yourself, your coworkers, and your organization? As a leader, we must protect what we let in our minds and out of our mouths.  I hope you find this post useful […]

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Do Your Classroom Expectations Help or Hurt?

classroom expectations

Are you in desperate need of behavior management strategies? How do you think your classroom expectations are tied to this need? Recently I read a text called, Building Engaged Schools: Getting the Most Out of America’s Classrooms, by Gary Gordon.  This was a fantastic read and covered so many different areas of opportunity I know that […]

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Do You Dare Take an Emotional Intelligence Quiz?

emotional intelligence quiz

Emotional Intelligence Definition What is Emotional Intelligence and why it matters … Everyone knows that grit, intelligence, and vision are all traits of a leader, but what happens when those qualities aren’t enough? What happens when someone has plenty of hard-work, casts an inspiring vision, but still doesn’t experience success. The culprit may be that the […]

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Attitude of Gratitude Quotes

Change Your Attitude Change Your Life The popularity of gratitude activities A recent post of mine was very well received.  It was titled “Change Your Attitude Change Your Life.”  You can read it here. This was a popular post because it gave practical steps on cultivating a positive attitude. One strong call to action was […]

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Change Your Attitude Change Your Life

change your attitude change your life

Develop an Attitude of Gratitude Traits of a leader Do you suffer from a negative attitude?  You can change your attitude and change your life. Are you a glass half full or glass have full type of guy? Attitude really is everything. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude could be one of the most important skills a […]

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Agenda Format for Guaranteed Awesome Meetings

agenda format

Guaranteed Awesome Meetings Follow these tips for effective meetings I can guarantee awesome meetings today.  If you commit to becoming familiar with these ideas you will run awesome meetings: Parkinson’s Law, agenda format, and The Advantage. Parkinson’s Law Boundaries for your agenda format Earlier this year I stumbled across the idea of Parkinson’s Law somewhere on the […]

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