Lindsay Lyons is an educational consultant who works with teachers and school leaders to inspire educational innovation for racial and gender justice, design curricula grounded in student voice, and build capacity for shared leadership. Lindsay taught in NYC public schools, holds a PhD in Leadership and Change, and is the founder of the educational blog and podcast, Time for Teachership

Lindsay  helps leaders build their adaptive capacity to lead school-wide change grounded in antiracism, inclusion, and stakeholder wellness. This includes helping leaders set up structures for shared leadership that amplifies student, teacher, and family voice through virtual coaching calls and supporting your teachers to design engaging, culturally responsive, project-based curricula through self-paced online courses.

She’s helped hundreds of dedicated leaders and thousands of passionate teachers across the United States and internationally improve their practice and create educational environments in which all students are able to thrive.

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Show Highlights

  • Healing “soul harm” 
  • Teaching for justice and leading for justice
  • How do we make schools more equitable 
  • The easiest first step for leaders
  • Five big shared leadership mechanisms  
  • Simple answers and the biggest barrier
  • Embrace that radical collegiality as a foundation
  • Family partnership is made easy with this invitation 
  • Essential Self Reports
Lindsay Lyons: 5 Mechanisms of shared leadership

“Setting up structures for shared leadership ensures that equity and justice initiatives are really sustainable and not just one-time actions.” 

Lindsay Lyons



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