Today, I would like to introduce an amazing Ruckus Maker, Wanda Parrish!

She has faithfully served in education for 27 years and is in her third year as principal of a middle school in Georgia.

Last year her biggest problem was that her leadership team didn’t really gel. 

One of my APs got a principalship and was taken away at the last minute. As a result, Wanda “inherited” an AP that dramatically changed the personality of her team …

For the worse!

In Wanda’s words:

“It was clear to the staff that we all weren’t on the same page. And since everything falls on the leader, I felt like it was my fault that our team was not aligned at all! I was kind of at a loss and didn’t know what to do, how to get the team to trust me, and to trust each other. I felt like the entire school suffered as a result of that.”

Now Wanda is your typical leader in that she grows herself by engaging with tons of free content that is out there: podcasts, videos, and blogs.

It was the BEST YEAR EVER training she did that gave her a glimpse of what The Principal Success Path™ could be like.

“The challenge was so good, I just knew The Principal Success Path™ would support my leadership development. I knew what you created were those things that I needed to take the time to look at, do, and work on to get better. The Principal Success Path™ forced me to sit-down and look at where I needed to grow. You don’t take the time to do that kind of work unless somebody says here you need to do this.”

One thing I’ve learned about principals is that their busyness gets in the way of their greatness.

Wanda agrees:

“Principals get caught up in, doing, doing, doing, but you really have to take the time to process, think through, plan and also execute. Plans mean nothing without the execution.”

Two years ago, Wanda was in the doing-doing-doing cycle. 

She had lost all her JOY she used to have in education. 

She actually complained about work every day to family and friends.

It had gotten so bad, Wanda wondered, “God, have you forsaken me?”

But that all changed for her after joining The Principal Success Path™ …

“I enjoy my work, look forward to my job, and have finally found my footing as a principal.”

Said another way: Wanda has reclaimed her JOY, boosted her CONFIDENCE, and has CLARITY on what her next steps are.

This happened for Wanda and will happen for you …

The Principal Success Path™ is so good we GUARANTEE you will be a more effective leader in 5-weeks or less.

And the timeline of The Principal Success Path™ is a new feature.

You see, when Wanda joined it was actually a 90-day program.

When I asked her about the challenges engaging with the program she was candid:

“Some of the ideas are a lot. It’s a lot of material, Danny. It’s a lot of stuff you have to figure out what you can use, and then build on that. You cannot try to do it all or you will overwhelm yourself.”

So I took Wanda’s feedback to heart and did an 80/20 review of the program.

I investigated what 20% of training material produced 80% of the results for the leaders who enrolled in The Principal Success Path™ …

And I cut the program from 90-days to 5-weeks.

I am super excited about how The Principal Success Path™ is redesigned and I expect great results for this cohort.

The Principal Success Path™ is a sprint.

You will become a better leader in 5-weeks or less.


Apply to ​​The Principal Success Path™ today!

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