I’ve been coaching school administrators since 2015 and have coached 100s from around the world. It has been both a privilege and an honor.

After working with such a diverse group of educational leaders I reflected on what makes principals effective. So I created a tool to measure the quality of your school leadership. 

I call this tool the Mastermind Mindset Scorecard™.


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Leadership mindset is the foundation for excellence. Our thoughts inform our actions, so what happens between our ears is the most important work that occurs on a daily basis. If there was only one area I could work on for the rest of my life, it would be my mindset.

Note: this is not an evaluative tool for districts to use with their principals. This is a self reflection tool for school leaders to measure themselves.

After working with 100s of leaders from around the world, I’ve identified twelve characteristics that lead to quality principal leadership. Those characteristics are:

  1. Generous
  2. Hunger
  3. Welcomes Feedback
  4. Candid
  5. Open-minded
  6. Collaborative
  7. Excellence
  8. Antiracist
  9. Emotional Intelligence
  10. Ownership
  11. Goals
  12. Compassion

There are four levels of effectiveness on the mastermind mindset scorecard™ with a range of quality. When you download the free scorecard an instructional video will show you how to use it.

The best feature of this tool is the “Now / Next” feature. The mastermind mindset scorecard™ challenges you to score your current reality and then set a goal for where you want to be.

Example: You score an 8 in the “generous” category and would like to score an 11. The reason you scored an 8 — you are extremely generous, but it comes at a cost. You lack boundaries around your generosity and it leads to a depletion of energy. In order to score an 11, you’ll need better boundaries that allow you to express generosity while honoring your needs as well. Being a martyr is not a requirement for principal leadership.

Two last thoughts …

One: I challenge you to use this tool with your leadership team and have a robust discussion about leadership and how everyone intends to grow this year.

Two: Design your own scorecard. What are the qualities of the best educators in your building? This would be a great tool to send out to prospective teachers, counselors, administrators, and auxiliary staff prior to an interview. 

If I can be of service, email me at [email protected] and we can set up a coaching call to discuss how to use this tool individually, with your team, or how to develop it for your school or district.


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