Isolation Is The #1 Enemy

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The mastermind is a hybrid group coaching and leadership development community designed by Daniel Bauer for local school administrators.

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“The best part of the mastermind is the supportive community.  School leadership can be isolating, but knowing I have a team of other school leaders with whom to share ideas, struggles, and wins gives me the courage and resolve to do what’s best for my school community.”

-Michelle, AP, Maryland


“The mastermind inspired me to invest in my growth.  It challenges me to connect with more people, learn from others, and avoid the isolation that every administrator faces.”

-Scott, Principal, Michigan

Imagine Having A Personal Board Of Directors…

“I had to get over my guilt. After all, I never invested that much in my own development. I don’t think twice about buying professional clothes to look the part, so how much more valuable is an investment in my leadership growth, my mindset, and making better decisions?”

-Eileen, Deputy Head, China

“The Mastermind has been my most powerful investment in my development. The book discussions, collaboration, and coaching has pushed me in ways I did not know was possible.”

-Jason, Head of School, Wisconsin

Lead With Confidence + Make Better Decisions

“I feel more confident in my position.  Being in leadership is lonely as the saying goes.  I live it everyday and when I have a problem I know I have a team I can bring it to for advice and guidance.”

-Gene, Principal, New Jersey

“I find myself implementing ideas from our readings or discussions into daily practice. Whether it is my personal life through morning routines or professional practices the mastermind is a constant resource for understanding my school and making it better.”

-Colin, Principal, New Jersey

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