“If you want to be a good reader, read, or a good writer, write. But if you pass thirty days without reading and turn to something else, you’ll notice the consequences.”

The mastermind is about exposure.

Exposure to great leaders. This encourages and challenges us.

Exposure to great ideas. This promotes growth.

Exposure to books outside of education. This give new eyes to see the world.

We read a book every two months. Then, we pause and do something called Application Months.

Why and what are Application Months?

“[w]hen it comes to the proper application of that knowledge, we’re altogether unpracticed.”

Reading for entertainment is one thing. Reading to grow as a leader is another thing altogether.

This type of reading without application is foolish and a waste of time.

During the Application Months mastermind members are challenged to pause, go back to their favorite book from the year, read over their notes (and maybe make new ones), and most importantly take action on the ideas.

We’ll be doing that this May and June. Why not join us?

You can apply to the mastermind here, but at the very least, what if you paused your consumption of knowledge and actually put it into practice?

Becoming a better leader isn’t rocket science. One component of growth is doing the work.

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