Mitch Weathers: Viewing Students as Assets and Not Deficits

mitch weathers of organized binder
Mitch Weathers is a high school teacher, adjunct college professor, and the creator and founder of Organized Binder. Mitch designed Organized Binder to help struggling students gain daily exposure to the non-cognitive skills and executive function needed to achieve in the classroom. Together with the Organized Binder Team he now helps teachers, schools, districts, and colleges implement the various versions of the system both nationally and internationally.

Universities such as Stanford and Dominican University invite him to work with teacher candidates and he works with the new teacher support programs TIPS and BTSA to help beginning teachers adopt the system. Mitch Weathers speaks nationally at conferences like CTA, CLS, and NSTA. He is also formally advises a number of education technology companies and start-ups.

Mitch Weathers Show Highlights

  • Missing kids working in the non-profit sector brought Mitch to education 
  • Mitch’s love for Geology and it’s transfer to students
  • It’s not about me “Mindset”
  • Leadership through leading the Science Department
  • Connecting his staff as a community through grade-level alignment
  • Multiply the “I can’t believe what I’m seeing …” culture
  • Be realistic about who you have as students
  • How Organized Binder works and why your students should use it …
  • Deficit vs Asset lenses
  • Wheat vs Weeds parable
  • How meeting families and inviting participation increased family engagement
  • Developing empathy through interviewing families
Mitch Weathers did a lot of home visits

Mitch Weathers Resources

Connect on Twitter (@organizedbinder)
mitch weathers challenge to view kids positively

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