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Who this group is for:

  • You’re committed to continuous growth.
  • You can’t stop thinking of how education can evolve.
  • You’re sick of leading in ISOLATION and want to learn from other highly effective leaders.
  • You are open-minded, curious, and want feedback on how to become even more effective.
  • You love to implement ideas and take action.
  • You want access to practical tools that will create positive results on your campus.

Who this group is NOT for:

  • You struggle asking for help or admitting when you make a mistake.
  • You are a lone wolf.
  • You lack time (we meet an hour a week).
  • You lack financial resources to fund your membership.
  • You talk more than you take action.
  • You don’t see how education can evolve (and are comfortable with the status quo).
  • You already have a coach, mentor, or strong network of colleagues who can help you when you need it most.

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Monthly Membership

Many members invest with personal funds while others use school district funds. Leaders can use Title I, II, and IV to pay for their membership in addition to budget lines allocated to professional development per your district.

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Check out our FAQ for answers to common questions or email [email protected]