I'm Danny Bauer. Ruckus Maker and Do School Different Designer™

My Kolbe is 3-3-9-3 which explains why I’m so good at what I do …

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“When YOU get better … Everyone wins”

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There’s Stacey who grea her confidence. [

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The BLBS Origin Story in 136 Words

Once upon a time, a young Ruckus Maker was frustrated.

He knew that PEOPLE weren’t the PROBLEM, the PARADIGM was the PROBLEM.

He wanted to DO SCHOOL DIFFERENT™, but struggled to find others to dream with.

He wondered:

  • “Where are all the other Ruckus Makers?” 
  • “Why am I seeing so much Risk Averse and Stagnant Thinking?” 
  • “If the Status Quo wasn’t working, why are we protecting it?

So he created a weekly gathering and called it, “THE RUCKUS MAKER MASTERMIND™.”

This experience connected innovators who wanted to grow their leadership, challenge the status quo, and design the future of school.

In 2016, seven Ruckus Makers joined, then thirty more, and another fifty after that.

THE RUCKUS MAKER MASTERMIND™ community grew and grew until it changed education around the world.

And just like that, education finally evolved.

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What Makes Danny Unique?

✏️ He only talks how to Do School Different™ and loves to ask,“Why follow the rules when you can make them up?”
✏️ He started the Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast in 2015 and it ranks in the TOP 0.5% of 3 million+ shows worldwide. His “poor performing” podcast, The School Leadership Series, ranks in the TOP 2.5% worldwide.
✏️ Danny has written multiple bestsellers you might be interested in (and gives some away for free when you subscribe to the Ruckus Maker substack.
✏️ He enjoys meditation and survived 7-days of silence with only his thoughts to keep him company.
✏️ He’s lived in four states: IL, GA, TX, & NY and four countries: USA, Belgium, Netherlands, and Scotland.

And YES, Danny speaks, facilitates workshops, and co-designs systems level solutions.

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