A few things to know about our mastermind experience. If you agree to these ideas, you are welcome in our community. I’m posting these in public because it’s important to understand how you want people to show up during your online meetings.

Right now you have a unique opportunity to build a beautiful culture and make education better. For more posts on online learning click here.

Our Beliefs

We picked you to be you. You are a wonder. No one else in this world has had the same experiences as you’ve had. You have much to add. Your perspective matters and when you share it we all get better. Don’t try to be anyone else. Be you.

Give yourself (and others) an A. There are no grades in the mastermind, but if there were, it would be an A. And guess what … you’ve already have an A. There is nothing you can do to earn or lose that A. This is not a place where we compete. It is not a tryout. We’re equals here. 

Generosity. Always. Ask yourself, “What is the most generous thing I can do today?” and then go do that. If you have something you want to say, but you’re nervous … Say it someone else might be thinking the same thing. We are a give-to-give community. Consider how you can help others level up.

Show up. We’re better together. We need your voice. This builds on the idea that “We picked you to be you.” If you’re not around, we miss out. People are investing finances, time, and emotional labor to grow within the mastermind. When you’re not there we miss out. 

Rule #6. Don’t take yourself too seriously (full story here)

Assume positive intent. This will be a better community if we believe everyone is doing the best they can with what they know. Let’s assume they have positive intent. Read Hanlon’s Razor for a less generous (but still useful) spin on this topic.

Be creative and experiment. If you already “Have an A” and know that we aren’t competing with one another, then how would you show up? How can you be wildly creative and experiment within the mastermind? What would you do if anything was possible? What would you do if you knew no one would judge you?

We avoid hot button issues and whining. If you want that, join a free Facebook group and there are plenty I can recommend. 

Make a Ruckus. Ruckus Maker (noun and verb). 1. A leader who breaks free from the status quo. 2. A leader who never, ever gives up. 3. A leader who makes change happen.

Ripple effect. Steal what you learn here in the mastermind. Make it your own. Then make your community better. Our members regularly use ideas we model during mastermind meetings within their own community. Some members have even started internal masterminds.

Some practical tips

Stay on mute. Background noise is distracting. When you’re off mute sometimes other people’s audio comes through your speakers (but not if you have headphones on). This will help us hear and focus.

Minimize distractions. More distractions to avoid: eating, conversations with humans in your actual space (office, coworking, home). Turn your video off if you must attend to something else, but really … protect this one hour to be just for us. Commit to it. Your work means something. Your presence and contributions are even more valuable.

Use equipment if you have it. The mic and speakers in your device work nicely. As stated above, audio feedback will come through if you rely on device audio. So a better solution: use headphones and an external mic if possible. I use airpods and this microphone.

Camera-on and have good lighting. This is a virtual environment. We want to connect. So it helps to see you.

Look into the camera. Since we can see you, we’ll feel more connected if you look into the camera. It will look like you’re looking right at all of us. If we were meeting face-to-face you wouldn’t look at the ceiling when you talked. You would look at me. You can do that by looking into the camera.

Utilize non-verbals and the chat. Smile, nod your head, applaud, gives a thumbs up ?Quote people in the chat or give them a +1 for an idea. This builds safety, connection, and acknowledges the value of the group.

Prepare your essentials. It depends on your style. I like to light candles for a “Hygge” effect and need something to drink. 95% of the time its water. Sometimes it’s beer. Many members come to the mastermind with a glass of wine. I often wear my pajama pants or sweat pants. It doesn’t matter. People only see your chest and your smile. So prep whatever will make you feel comfortable, and if that is a tie, no worries. You do you!

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