The other day my friend Karine asked us in the mastermind about the most interesting work we face in education and the percentage of time spent on it.

Applying that thought to my own leadership practice, I was curious about the percentage of time I spend on my most interesting work.

I’ve written about goals before. Check out this epic blog post on OKRs if that is your thing.

In Q1 2020 I have 5 goals. A picture is worth 1000 words:

Since I already have mapped out my ideal week, it’s plug-and-play making sure the actual daily tactics reflect the ideal week I envision.

On paper, I should put in 36.5 hours of work this week.

Help more leaders level up:

  • 13 hours will be spent coaching 1:1 or in the mastermind
  • An additional 2.25 hours will focus on mastermind intro calls, reaching out to current members, and writing the weekly email
  • 42% of my ideal work week

Create Amazing Content

  • 7 hours are earmarked for working on content in The Creative’s Workshop which I will repurpose for my blog and second book.
  • 19% of my ideal work week

Increase Brand Awareness

  • I won’t write any specific tasks or percentages here. My team shares out the podcast on social for me. When I ship valuable blog posts that leads to an increase in email subscribers.

Sell Out Live Event

  • I notice that I don’t have live event planning on my ideal week. I need to add it and also use some create amazing content time to plan for the event. I will cancel 1.5 hours of free “office hours” coaching so that I at least sprint for 90 minutes on the event.
    4% of my ideal work week

Improve Fitness

  • I’m not at home in Glasgow so I don’t have access to my gym for two weeks. I’ve also gotten lazy and haven’t run. I do walk or ride my bike everywhere, but I should do a few more HIIT workouts or Yoga. I plan on doing at least three sessions via YouTube for 3 hours of yoga.


Added up I spend 65% of my work week on my 4 professional goals. I’ll take that.

If you audited your calendar what would you find? If you could use help being more intentional with your calendar I encourage you to check out the ideal week linked earlier in this post.

If you would benefit from framing the next 3-years, check out my new book, The Remarkable Vision Formula: A Guided School Leader Retreat

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