Mastermind Coach Application

Welcome Future Mastermind Coach ?

 If the idea of leading a cohort of school leaders excites you AND you want to have a more integral role in shaping the future of masterminds at Better Leaders Better Schools, then we’d love to have you on the team.

Help us live out our JUST CAUSE: Connect, mentor, and grow every single Ruckus Maker in education who wants to level up.

Please watch this short video next and then fill out the application below.

Mastermind Coach Application

Take 5-10 minutes to complete the application below. Answers are encouraged to be brief.

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What you can expect next:

October 2020

  • The application process closes, I will reach back out with a few options for a virtual gathering (we’ll pick one date).
  • After we choose a meeting date, I’ll share some prep materials (short readings, videos, and micro writing prompts)

November 2020

  • We will hold a gathering of interested leaders who want to be a mastermind coach 

January 2021- June 2021

  • Gather as a group as needed (maybe not at all, maybe once a quarter?)
  • Coach processes created
  • Wrinkles are ironed
  • Possibly launch new cohorts 

July 2021

  • Mastermind book with Corwin (tentatively) releases, word gets out, demand increases.
  • Launch new cohorts to meet the demand / serve more school leaders / live out the Just Cause.


Q: What kind of time commitment am I looking at?

A: We will decide that together. My “ideal” scenario is that we have enough leaders who want to fill the coach role, that we create a deep bench of coaches that we can rotate through groups. 

Q: Do I still get to go to my usual mastermind cohort?

A: Absolutely! I want to be able to still serve you and pour into you, but if you want to take a more active leadership role, then the coach position is perfect for you.

Q: Will I get paid?

A: Yup! You’ll be a 1099 contractor and will receive compensation for each cohort you serve.  

Q: Do I have to order books? Do I have to create hot seat schedules, agendas, questions for the book, etc.?

A: Nope. All the back end administrative stuff will be handled by Abby or other members of the BLBS team. You will focus on facilitating a great mastermind experience and connecting with members outside of the regular meeting.

Q: Do I have to find my “students”?

A: I hope that there is an increased demand for mastermind services in the future with the release of the book. We’ll do our best to create and fill cohorts. Nothing will stop you from reaching out to school leaders and filling the mastermind on your own. I’m open to any and all ideas you have to live out our Just Cause!

More will be added to this FAQ based on the questions you submitted in the application. I’ll answer them all and send them out once to respect the coaches’ time. 


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