Here are 10 never seen before school leadership quotes.

Why are they never seen before? Because I created them. They appear in my second book, due to release on September 28.

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By investing in the development of local school leaders not only do you get a better leader, you get a better school.

I love this quote because it illustrates my motto: Everyone wins when a leader gets better. Everyone wins when you get better.

Although it may feel like you are the only leader who is facing “X” problem, the truth is, you’re not. There is tremendous value being able to unpack and solve challenges all school administrators face at some point with a trusted board of advisors.

Some tough love here. Isolation is a choice and whatever has you stressed, anxious, panicked, overwhelmed, etc … it’s a much easier lift among a supportive community like a mastermind.

The further we are from a choice we make, the greater the likelihood we will make the same mistake and believe a false narrative of what actually occurred.

All humans have a tough time with honest self reporting. This difficulty only increases the further we get from a decision we make. 

Mentorship is an easy way to retain school leaders. Connection is key. Relationships are gold.

District leaders need to note this. If proper mentorship and development were offered school leaders, we wouldn’t have to worry so much about a principal pipeline. The mastermind is a great solution to this challenge. 

Looking the part of a leader is one thing; being a leader is a different path altogether.

This isn’t about confidence or “fake it until you make it.” This a literal quote. Leaders invest tons of resources in nice clothes and accessories. Great. Now you look the part. What if you invested in your mindset, decision making ability, and other leadership skills just as easily?

School leaders have a difficult job indeed. But it becomes easier when leaders learn to focus on the right stuff and ignore the rest.

Most of what you do has little return-on-investment. The 80/20 rule states that 20% of our actions drive 80% of our results. Yet, school leaders are stressed out and constantly “on” because they believe a myth — that everything they do matters. It doesn’t. 

Creating value > inbox zero and a checked off to-do list. Do you know the difference?

If a district ignores the development of their top talent because they think, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” this is a disservice to their top talent.

We see this in the classroom too. Our highest performing students coast and are given more freedom and autonomy while we focus on the lower performers. There is a cost to ignoring the needs of top performers.

The “what” of professional development is easy to see: books, online summits, in-person conferences, PLCs, individual coaches, etc. The “What” is also easy to offer. It is the “Why” and the “how” which separates experiences and communicates how they are different with intentionality.

One filter you can use to find incredible professional development opportunities is to ask what their “WHY” is and “HOW” they implement the PD experience.

At Better Leaders Better Schools our WHY is “Everyone wins when a leader gets better. Everyone wins when you get better.” This is what we believe.

Our HOW: We do this through creating an environment where leaders can be authentic, experience belonging, and be challenged to grow. This is the foundation of the mastermind. I also call this proprietary process, “The ABCs of powerful professional development™.”

The idea that leaders grow when engaging in leadership training seems like common sense. And it is. Unfortunately, it is not common practice.

Research conducted by NAESP and the Learning Policy Institute found these alarming trends when surveying 407 elementary school leaders.

  • 32% spent time sharing leadership practices with peers three or more times in the past two years
  • 23% had access to a mentor or coach in the past two years (and only 10% of principals who served in high-poverty schools had access to a mentor or coach).
  • 56% participated in a PLC three or more times in the past two years 

Common sense, but not common practice. 

Do you have access to a mentor? Do you share leadership practices with peers regularly or participate in a leadership PLC?

The Mastermind took me from a young, immature leader to a more mature leader who has confidence in my leadership, my values, my beliefs and my vision for learning. It was through the incredibly rich conversations with school leaders from a wide variety of walks of life, parts of the world, and experiences that this occurred.

I hope you enjoyed this list of quotes and I hope you found them inspirational as well. If you did, then you’ll love the book I wrote for you. It comes out September 28, 2021 and you can sign up for a notification when it is ready for purchase below.


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educational quotes never seen before because they will be in my next book!
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