2020 has been one heck of a year.

Before the protests there was a pandemic. In fact, there still is a pandemic.

But if you go back to February 2020 in your mind’s eye, when COVID-19 cases were starting to exponentially increase outside of China, education was disrupted.

Within days we moved traditional school, that has been slow to innovate, to online and wildly different within a matter of days.

Go back to that moment.

How did you feel when you found out your school was going remote?

I remember leaders feeling frenzied, scattered, scared, overworked, overwhelmed, nervous, etc.

In the mastermind, we had many of those same feelings, but we also felt something different and more valuable– we felt prepared.

We were ready.

There is infinite value in having a trusted board of advisors to figure out the complexities of life and leadership.

The philosopher Alain de Botton said, “The chief enemy of good decisions is a lack of sufficient perspectives on a problem.” There is plenty of perspective on our community with nearly 60 members from six different countries around the world.

The investor Charlie Munger said, “I believe in mastering the best of what other people have figured out.” Don’t reinvent the wheel. In the mastermind, we only serve one kind of leader — high performers hungry to improve their craft.

Again, go back to that moment before you transitioned your school to a remote setting. What would it have been worth to feel prepared? What would have gone differently if had the support of high-performing school leaders?

Leading in isolation is a choice. There is a better way.

We are currently accepting applications to the mastermind — our community of out-of-the-box leaders making change happen in education. Apply here.

I’ve talked to a number of principals who were afraid to join the mastermind. You know why they didn’t apply? They lacked the confidence that they were good enough. The first hurdle to joining the mastermind is the toughest. You need to choose yourself before we invite you into our community.

Once you’ve done that, you can apply here.

If you have a question, email me or DM me on Twitter.

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