Funny thing about the entrepreneurial life. When I started Better Leaders Better Schools I had a false belief that I needed to be a principal for at least 5 years before I could pursue my dream full time serving leaders in education.
I was waiting for permission.
Where are you currently sitting on the sidelines waiting for the coach to pick you?
Here’s a secret I learned: you are the coach and the player of your own life.
Stop waiting for others to pick you. Choose yourself.
It’s a much longer story, but I was only a principal for 1 year.
For a variety of reasons, I decided to leap in the summer of 2017 and pursue coaching leaders full time.
I was 4 years short of experience. And I learned I already had everything I needed to host a massively successful podcast while coaching 100s of leaders around the globe and helping them level up.
What matters?
  • Picking yourself
  • Turning Pro
  • Serving others with everything you have
  • Consistency + Value = Trust
  • And not taking yourself too seriously (Rule #6)
Epictetus knew this nearly 2,000 years ago:
For it is indeed pointless and foolish to seek to get from another what one can get from oneself. Since I can get greatness of soul and nobility of mind from myself, shall I seek to get a patch of land from you, or a bit of money, or some public post? Heaven forbid! I won’t overlook my own resources in such a manner.
You have greatness in you friend.
Sometimes all we need to take the next leap in our life is too prioritize the time and space where we can dream big. If you’d benefit from disconnecting from the world in order to get in touch with where you are going over the next three years, then I humbly invite you to craft your vision with me and 49 other leaders this summer.
We’ll all be making a plan to choose ourselves over the next 3 years.
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