Adam Welcome: Be Awesome for Kids

Adam Welcome joins me on the show.

Adam Welcome is currently a Director of Innovation and Technology, and former Elementary Principal for six years. Adam also taught elementary school for seven years and set up one of the first GAFE domains in his county. Adam was Principal of the Year for his ACSA region, a 20 To Watch for the National School Board Association, guest blogger for EdWeek, […]

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Jamie Poskin: Using machine learning to superpower teachers

Jamie Poskin Joins me on the Show

TeachFX uses machine learning to superpower teachers’ work by providing them with automated feedback on the discussions that are happening in their classrooms.   TeachFX was founded by Jamie Poskin, a former English and math teacher, tech entrepreneur, experimental theater director, and a recent graduate of Stanford’s MBA and MA in Education programs.  Jamie Poskin Show Highlights […]

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Betsy Burris: Creating a Supportive Environment for Students and Staff

Betsy Burris joins me on the show.

Betsy Burris has been a teacher over the past 35 years, teacher educator, program designer, educational administrator, educational consultant, and psychotherapist. She currently combine her skills as an educator and psychotherapist to offer teachers and administrators support in making sense of the emotional and relational data that floods their classrooms. She has written a book […]

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Jennifer Fraser: Teachers need to stop bullying kids

Jennifer Fraser joins me on the show

Jennifer Fraser obtained her PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Toronto. A passionate educator for over twenty years, Jennifer’s interests and publications revolve around transition, empathy and the harm done by educator bullying.   The last five years of research, writing and publishing have led Jennifer to recognize: We are in the midst of a scientific revolution, set in motion […]

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Mike Acomb: Just do it, stick to it

Mike Acomb Joins me on the Show

Mr. Michael Acomb is currently an elementary principal in the Solon City School District, located near Cleveland, Ohio. He proudly earned his undergraduate degree from John Carroll University where he played football and learned the importance of serving with and for others. He holds master’s degrees in special education and K-12 organizational leadership. Michael has […]

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Jennifer Casa-Todd: Teaching students to use technology and social media

Jennifer Casa-Todd Joins Me on the Show

Jennifer Casa-Todd is wife, mom, and a Teacher-Librarian at Cardinal Carter CHS in Aurora, a former Literacy Consultant for the York Catholic District School Board,  and the author of the book, Social LEADia. She also is a grad student, and a food-loving, book-loving Ukulele player-want-to-be. She loves to hang out with her family–playing cards or hiking, […]

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Jay Eitner: The secret to earning millions in grants


Superintendent Jay Eitner is a proud product of the New Jersey public schools. A graduate from Union High School in 1997, Jay attended The American University in Washington DC with a BA in interdisciplinary studies. He began his teaching career in Roselle, NJ teaching a variety of subjects, including social studies, computers, and literacy. Known […]

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Michelle Lenzen: Humans at heart

Michelle Lenzen on the podcast

Michelle Lenzen is a teacher, writer, and the founder of Humans at Heart. She runs an after school program at YES Prep Northside where she teaches high school students communication skills and creative problem solving. Through her company, Humans at Heart, Michelle uses  qualitative research and human-centered design to help brands connect with their audiences.  Michelle Lenzen Show Highlights Michelle switch […]

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Don Wettrick: Learning in spite of school

Don Wettrick Joins me on the Show

Don Wettrick is the Innovation Coordinator at Noblesville High School, and is the author of “Pure Genius: Building a Culture of Innovation and Taking 20% Time to the Next Level.” Wettrick has worked as a middle school and high school teacher; educational and innovation consultant; CEO, and podcast host. He is also the founder of […]

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