In the mastermind, we are reading Measure What Matters. 

I also wrote this post on OKRs, which helps accomplish three of my objectives:

  • Create amazing content
  • Help more school leaders level up
  • Increase brand awareness

After shipping this post, one the leaders I serve, “Paul,” wrote this:

School OKRs

Here is how I responded:


What an exciting place to be! Failure is awesome!
“I judge you unfortunate because you have never lived through misfortune. You have passed through life without an opponent — no one can ever know what you are capable of, not even you.” -Seneca
I’m also reading The Bezos Letters and it talks about Jeff Bezos’s view of risk and what he calls “successful failure” because it always teaches you something to get better.
You asked two questions, here are my answers:
Trello is awesome. Another great tool is Asana. Both are free and have paid versions. I would ask you, what is your goal with the “tool”? Do you want them to see your progress toward your goal? If so you can make the board public. Are you wanting them to create their own boards? I love Trello and it definitely helps me stay focused. I have it open every day as I consider what work I’m doing toward my main goal.
In terms of negative energy, I think that’s positive also. Here’s why: It shows you where to provide PD and what questions people have. If they do share “I have teaching to do” I wonder how you might reframe it for the teachers … how can they use OKRs in their class and teach it to their kids? I also want to remind you that the best OKRs are built from the ground up. Your people should be writing OKRs they find meaningful and are “reach goals.” If they do that it should be tied to their teaching and this situation is a win-win. 
If you do experience pushback and negative energy let’s discuss during the mastermind or on a 1:1 call (or both). 
One last coaching point: put some due dates on the KRs. I use the financial quarters, but it may make more sense to do your marking period. A year is too long of a time. Chunk it into a smaller piece.

Keep Making a Ruckus,


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