“I believe in the discipline of mastering the best of what other people have figured out.”

-Charlie Munger

This quote captures the essence of the mastermind. All of us are better than any of us.

Individually our circle of competence is small. Collectively, we have figured out a lot, and when we bring all of our experience to the table we grow exponentially.

Maybe the mastermind is not for you, but it’s the principle that matters. Find a PLN and plug in.

There is a common thread to the best leaders in my network whether they lead in school or business. They all have a network to lean into. Twitter, Facebook, Voxer, and the rest don’t count.

You need somewhere you can have real conversations with other human beings. High performers value the points-of-view from others outside their organization. Effective leaders have a place to be honest, where they can’t hide, where their peers will push them to grow.

That can’t happen in isolation and it doesn’t happen on social media because there — everything is great!!!

Looking back, it seems silly that I ever lead a school in isolation. That frustration is why I started the podcast and then the mastermind.

Isolation is a choice, it’s not like you have to lead on your own.

The beauty of the mastermind is coming together on a weekly basis to share what’s working in our diverse organizations and learning from each other’s mistakes. Apply today and level up tomorrow.

. . . and one last note on learning on your own. If all you had to do was read great books on leadership, then you would have already accomplished your goals. No, your success hinges on your willingness to wrestle with your aspirations and challenges within a community like the mastermind.

What if you were courageous enough to sit with other humans and learn to lead together?

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