Today you have a choice.

Challenges show us what we’re made of.

You can decide to push someone out of the way or you can lend a hand.

You can spend the day in bed or you can get up and get to work.

Wallowing in the pain of “poor me” doesn’t make the world a better place. You were chosen to lead. While others dodge responsibility, you lean into the fray.

What if this moment right now, is your moment?

Knowing that, what changes?

“It is difficulties that reveal what men amount to; and so, whenever you’re struck by a difficulty, remember that God, like a trainer in the gymnasium, has matched you against a tough young opponent.

‘For what purpose?’, someone asks?

So that you may become an Olympic victor; and that is something that can’t be achieved without sweat. It seems to me that no one has had a difficulty that gives a better opportunity than the one you now have, if only you’re willing to tackle it as an athlete tackles his young adversary.”

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