Jean Burk is the author of the award-winning College Prep Genius program and has written numerous articles about the SAT and PSAT tests, high school prep, college prep, and how to get free college. She is a Fox News contributor on radio interviews and has been featured as an SAT expert on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, TXA21, CW33, Choice Media TV, WE, Forbes, UShop TV and The Homeschool Channel. She homeschooled both her children and they each earned free college and incredible scholarships because of their PSAT and SAT scores. Some of the benefits included full tuition, room and board, unlimited laundry and lunchroom passes, study abroad stipends, etc. Her son also earned free law school and her daughter earned free grad school.

She currently travels and speaks about the importance of college preparation at conventions, book fairs, schools, libraries, etc. She has taught her revolutionary, award-winning “Master the SAT” Prep Class all over the United States, mainland China, India, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico and Thailand. Many of her students have raised their SAT score as much as 700 points, ACT 9 points, become National Merit Scholars and have gone to an Ivy League for free! Her Vocabcafé book series helps teenagers and younger children increase their knowledge of SAT level vocabulary words through fun and wholesome books and her “High School Prep Genius” book won the “Blue Ribbon Award” for the best and favorite college prep resource along with 21 unsolicited awards for her program.

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Show Highlights

How to play the game to go college for free despite income.
The specific skill set the standardized test truly assesses.
Common Data Set formula for matching you to the right college.
A Coffee donut negotiation for better offers and scholarships.
The Summer Melt and what upperclassmen should focus on this summer.
Ace the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and CRT with College Prep Genius.
The P6 framework that can set you on a direction in life. best fit in? to get you pointed in the direction to lead to your ultimate career choice.

FAFSA mistakes and the secret formula colleges use your learning community need to know.

Learn the shortcut strategy needed to improve standardized test scores.
“It’s all about the test. I’m a big believer that test taking should be a separate class. It doesn’t conflict with your math or your science or your English, it actually compliments.”
- Jean Burk

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