I almost gave up twice on Better Leaders Better Schools.

Quitting Part 1

Before launching the podcast, I lost 2 recordings with influential leaders I respected. I lost one recording with the principal of the #1 school in the state of Illinois. The second lost recording was with a dynamite leader in California.

I was so frustrated with myself. I beat myself up.

The inner critic shouted in my head, “Who are you to talk leadership? Who is ever going to listen to you? You should just quit.”

I was so embarrassed. I almost quit.

Instead, I continued to walk the path I chose.

Quitting Part 2

My podcast went live. People enjoyed it. They wrote in and downloads climbed. I haven’t missed a week shipping since September of 2015.

Now I had a plan to make this my full time “gig.” I wrote the plan down. I dreamt about “What if” and all the possibilities.

I shared this idea with others. No one is as excited as me.

At an event for business leaders in Chicago, I shared my idea with a serial entrepreneur. His feedback: your model won’t scale. Rethink your plan.

I’m a balloon and I’m losing air :balloon:

At a close friend’s house, I shared my plan again. I showed him my notebook with drawings and numbers of what I’m building. He doesn’t see how it will work.

I’m a balloon and I’m nearly deflated.

Then, I realize, that I don’t need to rely on others’ oxygen to fill me up. I can do this for myself.

Viktor Frankl said, “Man is pushed by his drives and pulled by his values.”

Navigating past critical feedback can be tough. If the vision is strong enough you won’t ever stop. You’ll keep pushing.

When it gets really hard, that’s when you rely on who you are at your core to pull you through the tough bits …

I don’t know what you face today, but it is my hope that you are pushed by your vision and pulled by your values through any challenge you face.

Your friends, colleagues, and others might not understand the direction yet.

Don’t give up.

You have something great to share with the world.

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