I’m reading a book on mental models. A chapter dedicated to evolution shares this quote:

“Success is measured by persistence.”

-Geerat Vermeij

The thing about evolution is that you adapt or die.

Not a bad reminder given the reality that schools and society currently face.

What do you want your district to do? How do you even begin to plan for school in uncertain times?

Below Vermeij explains his work.

At 3:12 he mentions:

“That’s the way science begins. You ask questions to which you don’t have an answer.”

I think that sums up our challenge nicely.

Just because the situation is complex and the answers seem out-of-reach, that doesn’t mean we do nothing. Planning for next school year is just like a science experiment. You’ll eventually get your answers. Some may need to be revised. But you don’t know what to fix unless you ask the right questions.

Some questions you might ask:

Of course there are other questions, but these will get you started.

The best way to plan for next year is to join the mastermind.

If your district lacks leadership and a plan for next year, or if you have strong leadership but would benefit from hearing from diverse points-of-view from around the world, then consider applying to our community.

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