I’m getting excited about this summer’s live event.

This week I continued to draft out the gathering’s agenda. It’s available here (no email required), but please note it is a working draft. Things will change ?

If you read The Art of Gathering we are going to be bold and implement a version of the box activity at the start of our event. My goal is to begin the event with energy, vulnerability, and publicly committing to how we will show up over two days.

I haven’t written the talks yet or made my slide decks.

The two pictures below represent my notes on what I would like to talk about and accomplish with the leaders I serve at “Bollingen Tower.”

draft for my school vision event

Talk notes on school vision event

This event is unlike any conference you’ve ever attended:

  • One focus: create a meaningful 3-year vision
  • 9% of the time will be short talks by Yours Truly
  • 38% of the time will be doing the actual work
  • 49% will focus on activities that build relationships, inspires creativity, eating, pictures, breaks, and other misc activities

Most conferences I attend are like a tornado. Millions of talks crammed into a short amount of time.

That is one way to plan an event. What’s the cost? You lose out on opportunities to form life-changing relationships and you don’t apply anything you learn (and probably forget shortly after the conference).

So if you’d benefit from forming great relationships with leaders around the world and actually do the hard work of crafting a 3-year vision, I hope to see you this summer.

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