Most of the podcasts I’ve recorded have been done virtually, first on Skype, now on Zoom.

About 5 of the 250 have been done face-to-face.

My first in-person interview was with Jennifer Abrams. She was passing through my hometown of Chicago for a workshop and agreed to meet me to record. 

That was ages ago — Episode 36.

I was out-of-my-league. 

Here was an accomplished author and education consultant coming to speak with me — a start-up podcaster with a dream.

Back then I lacked confidence in the value I created through BLBS. 

What if she found out I was an amateur … an imposter? After all, I was recording the podcast because I didn’t know anything. I had so much to learn!

We met downtown in the South Loop across from the historic Auditorium Theater. Jennifer walked in energetic and confident. I hit record, sweating through the first 10-minutes of the episode, before finding my rhythm. She was generous and graceful, a true class act.

The whirlwind of an episode was in the books. She ran off to catch a flight and I returned home to edit the episode. 

After recording, we stayed in touch, and Jennifer became a friend. Over the years we’ve had countless conversations and she has helped me grow as an entrepreneur serving educators. I continue to call her because I enjoy her company, her wit, and value her expertise in communication.

Right now, most summer conferences you planned to send your staff to have been canceled or postponed. So what is your plan for developing your staff this summer?

Give our current public health crisis and digital school landscape, new challenges have emerged regarding communication.

If you are facing a PD gap needing to be filled, then I highly recommend some digital workshops Jennifer is offering.

These two caught my eye.

Communicating in Challenging Times

Learn how to plan and land your important messages in the new digital world of education. 

Having Hard Conversations with Parents

Parents want to know the plan for next year. Do you have the answers? How will you respond? Learn the best strategies for these moments and the specific questions you should ask before speaking. 

 <<< You can learn more about Jennifer’s workshops here >>>

If you reach out, tell her Danny sent you. I don’t make any commission if you sign up for her workshop. I just want to her to know what a generous tribe the Ruckus Makers are ?

The workshop content comes from her research and writing found in these three excellent books:

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