Right now there are roughly 100 leaders I serve in the mastermind, roughly the size of many school faculties. Checking-in during this crisis is very important, but maybe not doable at scale with intention.

So what could you do?

Use the org chart. As principal, focus on APs and Dept Chairs and support staff. The APs and Dept Chairs would have specific people to check in with as well.

This week I started sending a “Weekly Check-In” survey to leaders I serve. 

Four simple questions:

  • Name
  • 1-10 how are you right now (1 is “I’m in crisis” and 10 is “Everything is great.”)
  • Do you have a problem? (optional)
  • What do you need? (optional)

This survey takes people less than 5-minutes to complete. I can look at the responses and get a pulse for my organization.

Anyone that rates a 3 or lower I know I definitely need to loop back with.

I also now have some qualitative data explaining what is going on underneath the surface. 

For example, Adam rated himself a 7 and wrote, “I need to focus and have positive interactions to maintain a positive outlook.”

A quick text with an encouraging word would be meaningful to Adam, but I don’t need to prioritize him with a phone call.

Feel free to steal those questions. Use them with your staff. 

Use them with your parents and students. Who knows what you’d learn and how you could really help someone else out.

We’re in this together.

Keep Making a Ruckus,


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