Resilient leaders bounce back from setbacks.

They make mistakes, but their mistakes don’t define them.

These kinds of leaders use powerful mirror moments.

Epictetus notes in his book, Discourses:

Let sleep not descend on your weary eyes

Before having reviewed every action of the day.

Where did I go wrong? What did I do? What duty leave undone?

Starting here, review your actions, and afterwards,

Blame yourself for what is badly done, and rejoice in the good.

Every day resilient leaders ask themselves where they didn’t follow through. They also reflect on what they’ve learned and how it could have been better.

And don’t miss the last four words Epictetus penned. It’s equally important to “rejoice in the good.” Part of being candid with yourself is noting the bad and the good.

Sharing your mistakes in public is a gift for four reasons:

  • it builds your resilience
  • it grows your courage and self-awareness
  • it takes the sting away by putting words to the fumble
  • it allows others to learn from your mistakes

If you would benefit from a community where you learn from the mistakes of others and grow your resilience, then complete an application to the mastermind today.

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