Evolution isn’t just for biologists. It is a useful mental model for Ruckus Makers to make sense of life and leadership.

The idea is quite simple: adapt or die.

“Organisms in nature have survived and thrived for billions of years because they have one powerful trait at their disposal — they are adaptive.”

-Rage Sagarin

You don’t have to look far to think of animals that are now extinct because they didn’t adapt.

Thought leaders have cried out for education to be disrupted for a while. They believe that the system is broken.

I’m sure you’ve heard the definition of insanity. “Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.”

So education has evolved in many ways.

We see restorative practices in discipline. Mastery learning in how we assess. PBL in instruction. PLCs for teachers.

Remember your school must adapt or face the consequences …

And what about professional development for leaders? Have they changed how they serve you and help leaders within the district “level up”?

Evolution looks like the mastermind.

Openings depend on the time of year and availability. If you are ready to level up complete an application here and I’ll follow up with next steps.

I started the mastermind started in 2016 and have served 100s of school leaders since then. We’ve seen Instructional Coaches become APs who have become Principals who have become Superintendents. Those are our results.

When education was disrupted by COVID-19, our leaders said, “We are ready.”

What did you say when the pandemic reached your school? Were you ready or were you scrambling?

The mastermind doesn’t have all the answers, but we do have the right model, the right people, the right resources, and we ask the right questions.

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