Constructive Feedback Examples from Pixar

constructive feedback examples from blbs

Today’s bonus podcast on constructive feedback examples comes from the book we read this July (2016) with my mastermind for school leaders: Creativity, Inc. I created this show as an experiment. I wish all my listeners were in mastermind and could discuss the books we read as a group. So I’m testing out the idea of releasing […]

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Ryan Jackson: Courage to Create

Ryan Jackson Courage to Create

This is a milestone for the show: Episode 50 with Ryan Jackson.I can’t think of a better guy to bring back to the show. Ryan is the first guest I have interviewed twice on Better Leaders Better Schools.Since our last show, Ryan Jackson has accepted a new position as Principal at Mt. Pleasant High School […]

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Staff Appreciation Ideas for School Leaders

don't let your people deflate use these staff appreciation ideas!

During a recent #leadupchat on Twitter someone was vulnerable enough to say he wanted to improve at celebrating staff. So I thought, “Why not crowd source the great ways my colleagues celebrate their people?” I hope you enjoy this post on staff appreciation ideas.​I’d to start off these staff appreciation ideas with a story …In 2014 […]

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Emily Drake: Get out of the perfectionist box

Emily Drake on the Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast

Emily Drake is the CEO of Flank 5 Academy located in Chicago, IL.  Flank 5 is a personal incubator that helps you unlock your potential, change careers, or become self-employed. Graduates start consulting practices, open restaurants, change industries, and restructure their current employment situation.   Another reason I love Emily Drake is for her candor and courage. She […]

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I want to leave a legacy

I want to leave a legacy like Einstein

I want to leave a legacy … don’t you?Constantly I’m challenged by my friend and mentor, Aaron Walker to live a life not only of success AND significance.But what does that mean?​ As a leader, I know the struggle for fame and fortune … especially since I want to leave a legacy. If I’m not […]

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Henry Vasquez: Secrets to productivity and accountability

Henry Vasquez on the Better Leaders Better Schools podcast

Better Leaders Better Schools guest Henry Vasquez is a 4-time entrepreneur with experience in consumer media, B2B SaaS, and software consulting. Henry helped Spartz Media grow from a dorm room idea to a downtown office with more than 40 employees and 5 million users. Henry Vasquez has built two 7-figure startups, two venture-backed startups, and created over 100 […]

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Jeremy Rogoff: Run experiments and improve success

Jeremy Rogoff on the Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast

Better Leaders Better Schools guest Jeremy Rogoff  has been an educator in rural, urban, district and charter schools. He was also a Coro Leadership Fellow and an All-Conference pitcher at Washington University in St. Louis. Jeremy Rogoff started his teaching career in Clarendon, Arkansas and continued at KIPP DC: College Preparatory, where he was inspired to co-found KickUp.  He’s […]

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Eric Connor: Take care of yourself first

Eric Connor on the Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast

Better Leaders Better Schools guest Eric Connor is a clinical therapist with advanced training in trauma resolution, sexual addiction and other compulsive behaviors.  He seeks to use modern technology and evidence-based approaches to facilitate healing and growth.  He has a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Chicago and earned his Masters degree in Counseling […]

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