Erich Kurschat: Getting further in your conversations

Erich Kurschat on the better leaders better schools podcast

Better Leaders Better School’s guest Erich Kurschat is the founder of Harmony Insights, an HR coaching and consulting business focused on helping companies build and grow teams that value diverse communication, personality, and leadership styles.  A seasoned corporate HR professional and dynamic DiSC assessment instructor, Erich has partnered internationally with thousands of business leaders to get the most out of themselves and their teams.  […]

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Todd Schmidt: Personalized PD that Inspires Staff

Dr. Todd Schmidt on the better leaders better schools podcast

Better Leaders Better Schools guest Todd Schmidt is the lead learner at Harbor View Elementary in Corona del Mar, CA. He is a proud husband and father to two beautiful daughters. He received his doctorate from USC in K-12 Leadership. Prior to administration, he was a middle school history and English teacher. An edtech enthusiast, […]

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MM3: How to change things when change is hard

How do you change things when change is hard? First, you should read Switch, by Chip and Dan Heath … Or if you’re strapped for time, listen to my Mini-Monday episode that focuses on this topic.   According to the Heath Bros change centers on 3 elements: Rider (logic) Elephant (emotion) Path (necessary steps for […]

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Karine Veldhoen: The power of letting go

karine veldhoen on the better leaders better schools podcast

Better Leaders Better Schools guest Karine Veldhoen, M. Ed. is the founder of Learn Forward and a creative force in education. She’s also the Chief Learning Officer at Willowstone Academy, the CEO/Founder of Niteo Africa, a former Education Consultant for Fresh Grade and a modern day Learn Forward represents a lifetime of her professional study, action research, and meaning-making within the context of education. Driven by her passion for making […]

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Constructive Feedback Examples from Pixar

constructive feedback examples from blbs

Today’s bonus podcast on constructive feedback examples comes from the book we read this July (2016) with my mastermind for school leaders: Creativity, Inc. I created this show as an experiment. I wish all my listeners were in mastermind and could discuss the books we read as a group. So I’m testing out the idea of releasing […]

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Ryan Jackson: Courage to Create

Ryan Jackson Courage to Create

This is a milestone for the show: Episode 50 with Ryan Jackson.I can’t think of a better guy to bring back to the show. Ryan is the first guest I have interviewed twice on Better Leaders Better Schools.Since our last show, Ryan Jackson has accepted a new position as Principal at Mt. Pleasant High School […]

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