Right now the best leaders are devoting time to getting their online schools up and running but they are also planning for the return to school.

They have one foot in the present and at least a big toe in the future.

School will be back to “normal” someday and you should be planning for that moment right now.

The challenge: block out 15-30 minutes per day to start dreaming, creating the plan, and then executing the plan of the First Day Back.

You have an opportunity to do something special here. It is a gift.

Some leaders will do what they’ve always done, relying on the systems and strategy that has worked. 

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

That’s not good enough.

This is a moment you won’t get back. Go all-in on the First Day Back and start planning something better today.

You already have a head start. The first day of school is naturally amazing. How much better could you make it?

There will be a range of emotions experienced on this day. How will you make space for all of them?

The Power of Moments by the Heath Bros will teach you how to make this day remarkable. You might also look at how Priya Parker thinks about bringing people together in The Art of Gathering or how Keith Ferazzi connects with people via relationships in Never Eat Alone.

Of course, you can read these books on your own, but the best bet is to have a deep discussion with other leaders in The Mastermind. Imagine what you might create after discussing this topic with 10-15 other school leaders around the world. 

I bet you’d all plan one heck of a First Day Back.

Join the discussion in the BLBS Mastermind here.

Register for the Reopening School workshop with Jethro Jones here.

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