I’ve completed two marathons. They were challenging experiences.

Finishing a marathon is an accomplishment and one of the gifts you receive at the end is this: I felt like I can do anything I put my mind to.

I felt that way after a week, months, and even a few years later.

A decade later and I’m starting to forget what I’m capable of.

Right now we’re in a marathon of sorts too.

Because the constraint of “traditional school” has been lifted, many educators are stretching and leaping like never before.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if we forgot what we were able to accomplish amidst the challenges of our current reality?

What do you want to hold onto? How might you keep it top-of-mind so you won’t forget?

My fear is that when we return to school, it will go back to how it was always done.

If that’s the case you missed the opportunity to make things better.

Shout out to Jess who shared this idea in the mastermind two weeks ago:

“I am asking all teachers to take a picture of themselves at their best while teaching from home. I’m going to print those pictures out and put them in a frame with an inspiring message. That will be a gift I want to give them next year, so they don’t forget what they are capable of.”

Again, What do you want to hold onto? What do you want to not forget?

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