Years ago a wind swept across the world wreaking havoc and causing much harm.

The wind was so powerful that humans could do nothing about it.

It blew and blew destroying everything in its path.

Homes were knocked to the ground.

Majestic trees were uprooted and splintered.

All humans could do was hide underground to avoid the wind.

We could not stop it. The time was very dark.

Some people called it a very bad time.

While others called it a very good time.

And yet … It was the same wind causing the same destruction.

So how could different people look at the same wind and see it as both good and bad?

Those who saw it as bad blamed the wind for all the trouble and death it caused. They could never move past this perspective.

While huddled underground, they held tightly to their opinions.

Their breathing was shallow. Their fists were clenched.

They needed someone or something to blame for the tragedy.

And the wind continued to blow, knocking down homes and uprooting trees.

The people continued to live underground because the wind was not in their control.

While others decided to see this event as good.

Yes, they didn’t like being huddled underground. They weren’t rejoicing in the destruction and death.

And yet, they saw this time and the wind as good.

How then is that possible?

They knew the wind would continue to blow.

But what was the opportunity in huddling underground?

The family had never had so much uninterrupted time together.

They told stories and played games.

They laughed and yes, they cried.

They took big, deep breaths from their bellies.

They did what they could and controlled what was rightly theirs to control: their minds and their actions.

Then, one day the wind went away.

Humans returned to the world above ground.

And while some looked around and saw it all as bad others continued to believe it was good.

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