The stories we tell ourselves are powerful and at times, unhelpful.

When you have repeated a story to yourself for years, it is easy to slide into these mental grooves and accept them as a fact. In time, you begin to resist certain actions because ‘that’s not who I am.’

-James Clear

Some unhelpful stories you might be telling yourself right now:

  • I’m unable to focus
  • I’ve got too much going on right now
  • I need to prioritize others, not myself
  • [insert any other unhelpful story and excuse here]

You can’t do anything great if you hold yourself back arguing for limits.

There’s been no better time to work on yourself.

I’ll get to it when … is a really long way off.

We’re in this for the long haul.

But today the Productivity Sprint kicks-off and you’re invited to join.

This is the ideal time to form a new practice: identify what matters most and create more valuable work in less time. Not only will you learn with other leaders focused on leveling up, but the system you’ll implement might just change how you work, forever.

Habits stick when they become a part of your identity. Learn the mindset and system inside the sprint.

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