In the mastermind, we are about taking action even when it’s not necessarily comfortable. 

I think leadership can be scary.

Years ago I rode a water roller coaster with my nephews Silas and Levi. At the time, Levi was young and just tall enough to get on the ride. Silas was cool as a cucumber the entire time, but Levi was a nervous wreck. When we first got on the ride Levi was fine, but once he realized that we’d have to come back down from the height we had been slowly climbing … that’s when he lost it!

He wanted out!

But that wasn’t a choice.

We made it to the edge, right before our boat was to dive. Levi was screaming with fear.

And then we dropped …

And screamed for the next 10 seconds. 

We safely made it to the bottom and within seconds the screams turned to laughter. 

Levi kept giggling, “I can’t stop laughing. I can’t stop laughing. Can we do it again?”

Leadership is also a lot like a roller coaster. You take the leap. You dance with fear. You take action. And you do it again.

If you’d like to leap with other innovative school leaders, then apply to the mastermind today.

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