Finish the Year Strong

You’re Invited to Join the 2023 Success Series.

Learn from the Chief Ruckus Maker himself and your colleagues in school leadership. “The 2023 Success Series” is unlike any other online training you might have participated in the past.

Yes! Come prepared to take notes and learn …

But this is not your typical Sit Back and Relax or Sit and Get professional development …


The problem with most professional development is that it’s Too-Little-Too-Late, Unhelpful, and Disconnected.

At Better Leaders Better Schools, we do things a bit differently …

After all, we are RUCKUS MAKERS 🙂

That said, we only offer Relevant, Responsive, and Results-Oriented Professional Development™

So when you attend “The 2023 Success Series” turn your camera on, come off mute, be ready to interact in these highly participatory workshops.

Experience why Danny is able to charge up to $12,000 a day to lead live in-person workshop.

The PROMISE to participants is simple: you will become an even more effective leader.

Come to “The 2023 Success Series” and learn some practical skills that will help you finish your school year strong.

The 2023 Success Series Workshop Lineup

***all workshops take place on Mondays from 7-8:20pm ET**

April 17 · “The 3-Stages of Successful School Leadership.”

During this training you will be introduced to the “3-Stages of Successful School Leadership.”

Stage #1 – “The Lead Domino Stage.”

Here we focus on self leadership because if you don’t already know, you are responsible for EVERYTHING in your building. How YOU show up is the greatest predictor of success in your school.

Stage #2 – “The Ripple Effect Stage.”

After self-mastery, you can turn your attention to your people. This stage is all about building stronger relationships and a world-class culture.

Stage #3 – “The Big Picture Stage.”

After nurturing relationships and building a world-class culture, a leader is free to focus on systems level thinking and mental models that will improve their ability to create more value for their school.

During the first training offered in the 2023 Success Series, you will get an overview of the “3-Stages of Successful School Leadership” and dive into the first stage – YOU!

April 24 · “Dream Cultures & Systems Level Leadership”

During this second training we will review all “3-Stages of Successful School Leadership” and dive deeper into “The Ripple Effect” and “The Big Picture” stages.

This training will focus on relationships, culture, systems level leadership, and mental models.

May 1 · “Effective End of School Year Leadership”

In the third and final workshop of the series, we will review “3-Stages of Successful School Leadership” and learn three practical activities that will help you close down the school year like a true pro.

Danny with Alba

About Danny:

Danny is a Principal Development & Retention Expert, Bestselling Author, and Host of Two of the World’s Most Downloaded Podcasts!

When he’s not thinking about education and leadership, he can be found reading a book, hiking a mountain, or out for a walk with the world’s cutest pup, Alba.