Unleash the Extraordinary at the Sustainable School Leadership Summit

Learn what it takes (and how to implement) sustainable approaches to education for your campus.

Location: Nashville, TN
Dates: July 12-14, 2024

Welcome to the first-ever live mastermind event crafted exclusively for the daring, the bold, the Ruckus Makers of education.

This isn’t just another conference. It’s a revolution.

At the Sustainable School Leadership Summit, we unite those audacious leaders who dare to Do School Different™, innovate relentlessly, and challenge the status quo in education.

This is the place to be this summer for trailblazers shaping the future of education.

Let’s face it …

Our colleagues are racing towards the exits and off-ramps of education, but we’re here to stay. And with sustainable approaches to the work, we’d keep more quality educators in the game with us.

School leadership isn’t a mere job. It’s a profound calling, a relentless pursuit of excellence for ourselves and those we inspire every day.

Let’s discover sustainable strategies that not only support our mission but also ignite our passion, ensuring we thrive, not just survive, in our journey as visionaries, innovators, and rebels in education.

Are you ready to Make a Ruckus?

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Create an environment where everyone on your campus will thrive, without a big budget or at the cost of your own health.

In this 2.5 day live mastermind experience, you’ll:

Establish your distinct sustainable leadership pov

Attract top talent (and retain them)!

Effectively communicate, advocate, and expand your initiatives

Confidently navigate the complexities of school leadership

And so much more…

Your journey to a sustainable campus experience begins here.

Learn how to integrate sustainable approaches to education — from simple staff check-ins to a new framework revealed for the first time in Nashville called “The 10-Step Approach to Sustainable Education.”

Here are a few resources you’ll learn exclusive to this event:

Sustainable School Leadership Training

Members of The Ruckus Maker Mastermind™ are unique in many ways, but outliers in a VERY important way – they’re sticking put and thriving while their peers are burning out and exiting education.

So you can say we’ve learned a few things about sustainable leadership since 2016.
When you attend the Sustainable School Leadership Summit we will teach you exactly why our proprietary approach works and how you might integrate it on your campus as well.

Proven Leadership Models & Strategies

When you come to Nashville, you’ll explore tried-and-true frameworks that have revolutionized school environments and fostered significant growth. Plus, you’ll begin to implement these concepts in real-time, with supportive feedback every step of the way.

Practical Exercises & Constructive Feedback

Theoretical knowledge alone isn’t enough to master the art of sustainable leadership. You’ll dive into practical exercises that sharpen your strategic thinking and deepen your grasp of effective leadership techniques. Receive valuable feedback that helps you refine and master key principles.

Workshops & Mentorship Sessions

One thing that sets our live events apart is wide open time to think and collaborate with your Ruckus Maker colleagues. Benefit from tailored guidance through mastermind sessions and mentorship from experienced and successful school leaders. These sessions are designed to help you tackle unique challenges and capitalize on opportunities within your educational setting.

Deep Dive into Long-Term Leadership Success

What makes a truly successful school leader? How do you identify and cultivate these qualities within yourself? Learn how to craft strategies that not only achieve immediate success but also ensure long-term sustainability and growth in your educational career.

Ruckus Maker Community Connections

Immerse yourself in a community of innovative and forward-thinking school leaders. You’ll be part of a supportive network, sharing resources, offering mutual support, and collaborating on leadership challenges. This is your opportunity to connect with potential mentors, collaborators, or lifelong professional contacts.

Lead Your School, Ruckus Maker Style!

Being a Ruckus Maker isn’t for everyone. But once you “get” it, you’ll forever have a different approach to school leadership and life. That’s because it’s not just a strategy — it’s the Future of Education.

Get ready to push the boundaries of conventional education and create a thriving campus for all stakeholders.

Why do school leaders struggle to create thriving schools?

There are 5 main challenges school leaders run into when attempting to create a thriving campus experience.

Challenge #1:
Initiative Fatigue.

In the whirlwind of constant change and new programs, it’s easy for staff to feel overwhelmed. As a Ruckus Maker, it’s vital to prioritize and streamline initiatives, ensuring each one truly adds value and aligns with your school’s core mission.

Challenge #2:
How do you really develop people?

Developing people goes beyond mere training. It’s about inspiring growth and unlocking potential. It means creating opportunities for meaningful professional development, fostering a culture of feedback and mentorship, and recognizing the unique strengths each staff member brings to the table.

Challenge #3:
We’re all so tired.

The relentless pace of education can drain even the most passionate educators. It’s crucial to acknowledge this fatigue and actively work towards creating a sustainable work environment. This includes promoting work-life balance, ensuring adequate support, and cultivating a culture of care and understanding.

Challenge #4:
Operating in isolation.

The feeling of isolation can be a significant barrier to innovation and growth. As leaders, it’s essential to break down these silos by fostering collaboration, encouraging open communication, and building strong networks within and outside the school community.

Challenge #5:
What is school for?

In an ever-changing world, redefining the purpose of schooling is more important than ever. It’s about equipping students not just with academic knowledge, but with the skills, mindset, and values they need to thrive in life. As Ruckus Makers, it’s our job to constantly question, innovate, and drive our schools towards this broader, more impactful vision of education.

Is the Sustainable School Leadership Summit right for you?

Have you always wanted to create a thriving campus?

Do you know how to attract and retain staff?

Are you spending your time on what matters most on campus?

If any of this sounds familiar, then we’ll see you in Nashville 🙂
Inaugural Deep Work Day

Connect with LEGENDARY Ruckus Makers

Surround yourself with principals, assistant principals, and district leaders. Our hope is that if you have felt “different” — a square peg trying to fit into the round hole of education — you’ll feel right at home with us in Nashville.


How much does it cost?

A Jump Start Summit Pass is one payment of $750 or three payments of $275. Available until March 15.

A Smart Saver Summit Pass is one payment of $1000 or three payments of $350. Available March 16 – May 3 (if tickets are still available).

A Standard Summit Pass is one payment of $1500 or three payments of $550. Available May 4 – July 12 (if tickets are still available).

Note 1: Your registration includes a pass to the event, AM/PM snacks, and some super swag planned for you too 🙂

Note 2: Yes! We do accept purchase orders. If you want to invest with personal resources or have a school credit card you can pay for the event when you register. If you want a purchase order to send a check, you can select that as an option as well. Your spot is not reserved until we receive an approved purchase order. This event will sell out, so act fast!

When and Where is the event located?
We’ll be in Nashville, July 12-14. The Summit will be hosted at “The Space at 100 Taylor” in the Germantown Neighborhood of Nashville. The address is 100 Taylor Street, Nashville, Tennessee 37208, United States
Who should attend this event?

We help ​​Ruckus Makers Do School Different™ — shifting from old and traditional ways of education to new, different, and better ways of education. Are you an innovator? A visionary? A rebel? Then you are a Ruckus Maker and will LOVE this event!

Will this really work for me?

We don’t know. What we can confidently say with integrity is that everything we teach has worked for us and has worked for hundreds of other Ruckus Makers. Will it work for you? Probably. But do you have a bias for action? When you come to Nashville, we’ll also help you create a plan that fits the uniqueness of your campus.

There will also be opportunities to reconnect after the event to make sure you are putting into practice what you created in Nashville.

Is it better with a team?

Yes, it is. Collaboratively creating your sustainable leadership plan and being on the same page from Day One is a distinct advantage. If your team can’t make it, we will still set you up for success.

What networking opportunities will be available?

This isn’t a cheesy event focused solely on networking and we don’t force it. Breaks between sessions and meals are a great time to connect and network in a natural way. Our events are unlike any other in education too because we protect wide blocks of OPEN time — time you can use to think, dream, and mastermind with other Ruckus Makers.

If you’ve never been a part of a mastermind group, we introduced the format to education in 2016. Danny’s book MASTERMIND was a best seller and shares why this approach works. But simply put … during a mastermind session, we will solve your #1 challenge.

Will this help if I’m thinking about leaving education?

You wouldn’t believe the number of leaders who were ready to quit education — then got a taste of our Ruckus Maker magic — and turned everything around. So if you need a bit of inspiration, we can help with that and so much more …

If you made it this far, we know you’re contemplating whether this journey is truly worthwhile.

Maybe you’ve been navigating the waters of educational leadership for some time, immersing yourself in the principles of sustainable and impactful school leadership.

Sure, you could sift through endless online resources and try to forge your path in school leadership alone. Perhaps you’ve even ventured down this road before, only to find the results less transformative than you’d hoped. No doubt, you’ve seen many fellow educators rise to the challenge, creating remarkable and enduring impacts in their schools.

And yet, here you are, with “revolutionize my school” boldly written on your long-standing goals list.

Imagine, a year from now, reflecting back on this moment, this pivotal decision, as the turning point for an extraordinary, career-defining year.

Envision your school transforming, a thriving and impactful educational community taking shape, forged by deep, meaningful connections with students and staff, shaping a new and exciting trajectory for your career. All of this is within reach—all it takes is your commitment to steer the course of your professional future.

Here and now lies the path to transforming not just your school, but your entire approach to educational leadership.

So, fellow Ruckus Maker, we pose a question to you:

Are you ready to seize this opportunity to become a trailblazing School Leader, unlocking the vast potential that lies ahead?

The winds of change are howling, and the Sustainable School Leadership Summit is here to guide you on a novel and impactful journey. Join our community of visionary thinkers and experience the transformative power of sustainable school leadership. The choice is yours. Together, we will embark on this enlightening path.

A LEGENDARY, limitless future in educational leadership awaits.