I love setting goals and taking action in public. This is the essence of “showing your work.”

By stating what I set out to achieve and sharing my results with the Ruckus Maker Nation, I hold myself accountable for taking action.

My results will never be perfect, but this sure helps me build momentum. Feel free to steal this framework and apply it to your leadership practice!

If you’d like some one-on-one coaching establishing your OKRs, create a plan to achieve them, and accountability to track results, send me an email ([email protected])

Q1 2022 OKR Results & Takeaways


“The simplest, cleanest way to score an objective is by averaging the percentage of completion rates of its associated results.”

John Doerr in Measure What Matters

Google uses the following scale, so I stole like an artist and used it too:

  • ? 0.7 – 1.0 = green (I delivered).
  • ? 0.4 – 0.6 = yellow (I made progress, but fell short of completion).
  • ? 0.0 – 0.3 = red (I failed to make real progress).
? OBJECTIVE 1:  Serve more school leaders [52%] (.5+.5+.3+1.0+.3 = 2.6/5)
? Add 40 leaders to The Principal Success Path™ [0.5].
? Start Genius Mastermind [0.5].
? Host one webinar a month [0.3].
? Send out two strong CTA mastermind emails a month [1.0]
? Complete first draft of new book for mastermind members [0.3]
? OBJECTIVE 2:  Build systems [76%]
? Develop mastermind calendar [1.0].
? Develop coach hiring process [0.5].
? Create cohort model for The Principal Success Path™ [1.0]
? Mastermind coaches send one insight post on social each week [0.8].
? Reach out to members weekly [0.5].
? OBJECTIVE 3: Create mastermind onboarding and document process [68%]
? Develop mastermind member welcome box [1.0].
? Develop onboarding email sequence with videos [0.5].
? Send a cohort specific email when a new member joins [0.7].
? Complete onboarding process document [0.5].


Objective data isn’t everything and the self-assessment portion helps tell the story of data. 

Here is my full self-assessment:

Serve more school leaders52%70%Trying to write a first draft of a new book for just our mastermind community was overly ambitious. I kicked it to this quarter, but to be honest, I think I will pause this project entirely until I have more bandwidth and have more automatic systems running to allow me to focus on this effort. I have learned many foundational tactics that if I put into place over the next 90 days will allow me to grow BLBS and create the space needed to work on the book.
Build systems76%80%I made great progress in OKR 2. Especially in telling the mastermind’s story on social as well as pivoting The Principal Success Path™ from an asynchronous experience to one that is built on collaboration, creating projects, providing feedback, and reflecting on the process. In fact, this program is so good and effective, it might even become bigger than the mastermind …
Create mastermind onboarding and document process68%80%Nice progress here too. Everything is mapped out so now the details and final touches need to be put on and implemented.

Did I accomplish all of my objectives? If so, what contributed to my success?

No. See below. I made great progress and learned a lot.

If not, what obstacles did I encounter?

One big obstacle was coaching for the altMBA. This is always a challenge because I love that program and the people involved. But it did take my focus away from implementing things within Better Leaders Better Schools. It also took a lot of time which I then could not use to book calls with school leaders who would have joined The Principal Success Path™. 

The positive was that it reminded me why the altMBA is so powerful. So much so that I decided to run the content found in The Principal Success Path™ through the structure of the altMBA. The end result was taking a very good program and making it 10x better. Now instead of 30+ hours of content enjoyed mostly asynchronously, I built a program that is focused on collaboration, taking action, providing feedback, and reflecting on what was learned.

If I were to rewrite a goal achieved in full, what would I change?

This quarter I did not achieve any goals in full. 

What have I learned that might alter my approach to the next cycle’s OKRs?

One of my mentors taught me (or reminded me of something powerful): less is more. I thought less is more by focusing on only 3-5 OKRs. From there I “keep score” on my “big 3” each day (the three tasks aligned to my OKRs). Well, my mentor only scores ONE big task for the day. Talk about focus and living out less is more! I might try to keep score on only one item. I think the BIG TAKEAWAY is this: instead of moving 3 projects forward toward completion, work on one and complete it.

The other major learning from this quarter is that I need a better schedule. I could choose to complain about time, but that is just an excuse. The truth is that I waste time during the day and stay up too late at night (which impacts the start of each day). I have gotten lazy and formed bad habits during the pandemic. I commit to going to sleep earlier and waking up much earlier. This will create a triple win scenario: more time for family, fitness, and for work. 

I bought an Oura ring to monitor my sleep, stress, and activity. I also invested in some nice running gear to get back in shape.

My goals for next quarter …

OKRs can transform a principal's life regarding productivity
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