The best educators have a “can do” attitude. They don’t look for a timesheet, ask about compensation, or worry about what the union thinks when deciding what is best for kids.

When there’s a need, they are already there doing the work before a principal can even ask for help.

That was the kind of teacher I was and I suspect, the kind of educator you are too.

We are Ruckus Makers.

It’s in our DNA … we’ve been educators since Day One. You can’t take that out of us.

This crisis hit and Ruckus Makers continued to provide high-quality education while those in the central office tried to navigate the bureaucracy of it all.

Have you noticed that those who think they can do it are doing it and those who think they can’t are struggling, hiding, or at worse … pulling others down right now?

That’s called crab mentality. ?

“If I’m not getting out of this bucket, than neither are you.”

We don’t have all the answers. There are some very tough questions needing resolution.

Most concerning – how do we provide an opportunity for those less fortunate and without the modern tech tools to connect to an online education experience?

Also, how do we meet the needs and make accommodations for students who need adaptations to the curriculum?

Those tough questions need answers. But that’s not a reason to shut down education entirely. That just means we need to find creative answers to difficult problems.

Protect your people that want to leap. And maybe if there are a few crabs around, just flip the bucket upside down …

BTW … in our excitement to move learning online, be smart.

I know you’re excited, and you should be, but here are two things that need to stop right now:

  • Stop posting pictures of your class learning online with kids’ faces and names (there are predators out there and you are just inviting trouble)
  • Don’t share your Zoom links in public on social media because of “zoombombing

While you are trying to provide normalcy, consistency, and high-quality education, there are those looking to wreak havoc. There are a lot of people stuck at home with an internet connection. Some of those people don’t have good intentions and they have a lot of time on their hands.

Protect your kids.


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