The next five posts will focus on the core values of the mastermind. We’ll start with Lead Like Madiba.

As you read, consider that the core value isn’t a generic terms like “integrity, service, honor.” No, these are sticky core values. They are rich with imagery and contain a story. My hope is that you will remember the core value long after reading this post. If done right, you might even tell a friend (or share on social media).

One of my heroes is Nelson Mandela. When I think of a leader, he is one of the first people that comes to mind.

He embodied so many great leadership principles, but two he emulated better than most: leadership is service and leadership is generosity.

He cared more about reconciliation vs revenge. He wasn’t focused on winning as an individual, but winning as a whole. This is the type of leadership mindset Simon Sinek describes in his book, The Infinite Game.

For us to win, you don’t have to lose.

That’s what it means to me to Lead Like Madiba.

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