Loads of pigeons congregate near my flat in Glasgow.

If I were to run toward them they would take flight, each in a different direction.

Their goal is simple – survival.

When a crisis hits people respond in different ways and that can be a problem. Emotions are high and the need for survival overrides the logical bits of our brains.

COVID-19 disrupted education. And like the pigeons, educators flew in many different directions.

Life has settled down a bit. How could templates be of service to your community?

At Better Leaders Better Schools, we use templates for everything.

The mastermind template is a starting point. Leaders that facilitate are encouraged to add their personality to our gathering.

The template makes two promises:

  • Consistency
  • Quality

What templates does your school need right now, especially during remote learning?

The template for success as a leader is the power of the network. Connect with world class leaders in the mastermind.

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